SWL report confirmation card


Dubravko Pozar:
Hi there..

I am young ham, before some time I received first set of SWL reports for my world wide contacts...
I want to send some kind of swl report confirmation card for received SWL cards but I have some dificulties with populating my ordinary qsl card with data...

What callsign do I put on field: QSO with station?
Do I put original corespondent callsign or SWL ham sign/number?

In general..do I adress my card to SWL ham or original ham?

Claude Stewart:
I have used my regular QSL card for SWL contacts, but with today's QSL-maker software, you can make your own special QSL-SWL cards. I took the SWL's data, checked my log to see if the contact was correct and if it was I'd send a QSL back that stated the time and date and that I was in QSO with station X9XXX (or whatever). I also included my transmitter power and antenna and the RST of the station I was in contact with. In the margin of my card I'd include something like "SWL #U238 (or whatever his identification number was), thanks for your confirmation of. Good luck!)"

It used to be a requirement in some countries that a prospective amateur had to have a certain number of "listening" contacts logged or confirmed before they would be issued a license to transmit. I always sent SWL confirmation cards in hopes that a new ham would be added to our ranks.

Claude Stewart:
Your last question; address the card to the SWL ham. He/she is the one who needs the confirmation information, (not the original station).

Stephen L Crook:
Your QSO card has your your callsign, but you could indicate "heard" vs. "2 way" or "2X" -- perhaps just a written note on the card, "SWL" in the RST block, cross out "2X" if present on your card, cross out "[acknowledging] QSO with" or "[confirming] contact with" and write "... heard by" above/adjacent, etc., and address the card to the SWL

Doesn't really matter as long as it's clear it was a one way reception of a QSO w/ another  amateur operator --(so 2 callsigns + an SWL ID would appear on the card somewhere) and shows with whom/when/freq/mode you were operating on. You could add a short personal note too to the SWL.

You might maks a log note too that your were heard by <SWL name> <location> as record to where else you were getting out to.

You could also have reception acknowledgment QSO cards printed too if you're getting a lot of reception reports from SWL's.


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