Old Browning Golden Eagles/ CB radio


Tyler Sanders:
I bought a Browning Golden Eagle Mark 3 and wanted to know of anybody who may have had one of these beautiful old radios back when they were new. I find them a very nice piece of equipment, especially being a CB radio. The radio is in beautiful shape and the transmitter half does not work. Any comments or suggestions?

Gregory J. Beat:
My former supervisor had one of these in 1971, when they were first introduced.  
Browning made an AM and AM/SSB version of this radio.  Sadly, I believe he shelved that radio in the mid-1970s as the useful Citizens Band service ... he knew from 1959 to 1972 ... dropped into abyss of idiots, sex and drugs (his words - not mine).

He migrated to the GMRS/FRS services, when they became available.




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