Band Switch coupling for TS-530S

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Don Jaster:

 I wouldnt use a metal coupler.  at least without studying  the ground functions around the shaft.
Kenwood may have used an insulated coupler for a reason.......

Christopher Leyden:
Thanks for all of your suggestions. I too am a little leary of using a metal coupling. I noticed that all of the other shafts have some sort of coupling, isolating the front panel from RF.

In looking at those couplings, I noticed that the Load Control has the identical plastic coupling as the Band Switch shaft. Since the Load Control does not require much effort to turn, the plastic coupling was not cracked at all. I removed the Band Switch coupling and swapped it for the Load Control coupling. The cracked coupling is more than adequate to turn the Load Control shaft and the uncracked one will hopefully last a while on the Band Switch shaft.

One last question... I would like to use Loctite or a similar product on the set screws for the Band Switch coupling. I checked several home and hardware stores but all of the products they carried said "not for use on plastic".  Any suggestions for how to lock these screws down without overtightening them?


Chris Leyden

David McKinnon:
I wouldnt do this if you ever want to remove them but I have used clear nail polish and also krazy glue type adhesives on the threads to help keep screws snug . Love the swapping parts idea, that is my knid of thinking!

R-5000 TS-820S TS-830S  $9.50 + s/h fees

We have used the metal couplers without any
problems, check the messages in the forum
I referenced, it is open for viewing to all !

Join up and see photos on how to replace it !

To lock the threads on the plastic coupler,
use a drop of elmers white glue or equal.

Yes, many of us have swapped out the coupler
with the load coupler.

It is easier to replace the coupler then
to attempt a quick fix.

Your local hardware store should carry the
coulers in the parts bins, nylon or metal.

73  james


some bandswitches can have failures at
the rivit that holds the switch contact
to the trace on the wafer board material.

Not even DeOxit can repair this !

Here is a link with more info from K4EAA
on the repair procedure.

73 james


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