Geloso Transmitter and reciever

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Garry Mills:
I found a Geloso transmitter,G.212-TR and matching recieverG.209. Made in milano Italy. Can any one tell me what these things might be worth? I havent bougt them yet but would like to give a fair price.

James P. McNichols:
The Geloso brand was fairly well known, in the USA, in the early 60's.  The G-209-R was available in 1959, with the 212 transmitter right about the same time.

Retail on the receiver (new) was $299.50, but I don't have the transmitter price.  It's double conversion, with a product detector for SSB/cw.

The transmitter is only rated 60 watts (input) cw and plate modulated AM, with a "wide range" tuner and t-r relay built-in.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I've always kinda liked the looks of the Geloso gear.  Real nice control knobs, etc..

I have seen them go for around $200-250 each on e-bay, in good physical/operating condition.  But being e-bay, you take that with a large grain of salt (hi).

If you do decide to get 'em, I'd really like to know how they work out for you!

73, Jim/k7unz

Garry Mills:
picked up the Geloso G212 and the G209 saturday.They appear to be in fair to good shape.Not beat up,a few screws missing and need a good cleaning.I havent powered them up yet,I need to find my variac and take them out of their cabinets to see what may be going on in there.I offered $150 for the pair and they told me "your not leaving without everything else,Im cleaning house" I said what do you mean everything else? She said follow me to the basement. There on several shelves were more goodies.I also packed out.
Signal Corps (Hallicrafters)a rare R-45-arr-7 reciever
Electro Voice 630 microphone
Hickok 800 tube testor
Tube caddy and boxes of tubes
New in box TS-34/ap oscilloscope (1945 era)
Eico tv-fm generator
Knight rf generator
bags and boxes of

You know what they say ,one mans junk another mans treasure.
I found manuals for both but cant get a darn thing to download from bama.
Well  I gotta figure where im going to put all this stuff.Looks like im going to be busy.
Thanks for the reply.

James P. McNichols:
Wow! Talk about falling into a good done did it Gary!

That EV mike alone goes for about the price you paid for the Geloso twins.

Do hope the Geloso stuff turns out to be operable as I have a fond place in my heart for 'em.  Just a bit of a warning, if you're not familiar with the equipment of that era.  Microphonics was a common problem then, so if you notice that when you're using the receiver, a tap on the cabinet, or a smack to the table causes a big "clunk" in the receiver audio, that's normal (hi)!

By the way, Geloso also marketed VFO's and Tank coil set-ups for the home brew market.


73, Jim/k7unz

James P. McNichols:
About the manuals from 'Bama......

You have to download the complete file from the site, then open it after you have downloaded it.  You can't open it "on the site" itself.

You may also need to install "deja Vu" on your computer to read it, and  a copy is available on the 'Bama site.

Again, have fun!



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