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Sir Run Run Shaw:
Hi and Greetings,
 First, I'm a long time reader yet first time poster to the Eham website.  Viewing the content has certainly caused me to become much more interested in radio communications as a result.  I originally found Eham while researching a totally unrelated electronics pursuit.  Since that time I've gone on to read about Amateur communications and begin assembling station equipment in anticipation of perhaps becoming licensed.

  My question today is about differentiating some of the microphones made by The Astatic Corporation.  

  Primarily I need information on two Astatic "series" of older vintage microphones.

  Firstly is the Astatic "DN" series.  What is the difference between all the various DN models ??  I only know the difference of impedance between the DN-50 and the DN-HZ,  the first being low and the second high impedance.  Do they have the same elements?  

What about the Astatic DN-200?  Or the DN-500? Are there any more DN's I didn't list? What do the various DN mics all have in common aside from shape and looks?  How are each different?  Some (or all) of these I believe
were once popularly called "The Commentator".

  Secondly is the Astatic "10" series.  What is the difference between the various 10 models ??  There is a 10-C,  10-D,  a 10-DA, 10-D-L and possibly more.  Were there more from this series?  I'm nearly sure the 10-C had a ceramic element.  What about the others?  Some (or all) of these I believe were once popularly called "The Voice".  

   In regards to the various models in both groups or series of mic heads,  will some of you Elmers please shed some light on this with these older, similar looking yet different mic heads?  I need to know,  have spent countless hours researching them and little is available except about those "other" D-series Astatic microphones which doesn't help at all.  I'd also contacted Astatic and got shuffled around,  ultimately not getting one answer.  I've tried to do my own homework first and hate to ask but could really use some help.

Thank you

Sir Run Run Shaw:
Sorry,  for some reason Eham changed my title altering it.  I don't know why.

It read:

Difference between Astatic "DN" & "10" microphones?

Don Jaster:
google   astatic  and you will find  some old  pages from  catalogs  that  show the specs  on astatic mics..

i did for the  611 and  911 a while back.  

every thing you always wnated to know and were afraid to ask..

Sir Run Run Shaw:
Well thanks but I already own several original Astatic catalogs with nothing for element specifications or parts numbers.

I've already exhaustively searched for this information using all the major internet search engines as well as contacted Astatic via email and a number of microphone websites seeking information.  I certainly wouldn't post these questions if the information was readily available by doing a simple search.  

However,  I posted my questions in the event that I happened to overlook a webpage that would provide some answers,  or that some Eham members would know (and also be willing to help),  providing something directly or by giving a link or two.  

Thanks for the help.


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