Kenwood TS-430


Paul O'Connor:
I just picked up a TS-430 and downloaded the almost unreadable manual.  I have a challenge.  The receiver (and I presume transmitter) shut off exactly at 10.5 MHZ and above and at 2.5MHZ and below.  The spectrum indicates that this means that the top 3 bands and the bottom 3 bands are not receiving.  In between, all is fine.  It seems as though the switch off at these frequencies is mechanical... a click happens and it goes dead as soon as it exceeds 10.5 or goes below 2.5.  

Does anyone know what is causing this and how to correct it?

Ross Keatinge:
Those frequencies are two of several where relays switch the filters. Cleaning the relay contacts may help. Here's an excellent video describing how to do that without even taking the top of the radio.

Dirty relay contacts usually results in very much reduced sensitivity, not completely dead so maybe you have another problem but I'd certainly try that first.

There is also a Yahoo Group for TS430S owners.

Paul O'Connor:
Beautiful!!  Thank you very much KB1KGA.  I watched the video, and followed direction.  All toll, it took about 6 minutes to fix.  It is nice to find people who know what they are doing!.

Bill Burrows:
This is a well known problem with TS-430s and Kenwood had a service bulletin about it.  Anybody that owns one will sooner or later experience it.

Barbara J.:
Get Manual Here:

Get service bulletins for relays here:


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