Power supply for r-392


Bruce Casey:
Anyone know of a source for parts for a R-392 need knobs and meter also Ideas on a power source.....Thanks

Lon Kinley:
You might check Surplus Sales or Fair Radio for knobs; meters are getting harder to find although they show on eBay occasionally. I Believe there are a couple there now. Do a search on Collins in the Comsumer Electronics section. Same for knobs

What do you mean by a power source? The AC Power supply on the 390 is built in; or do you have one that someone has started to strip?

Lon - W3LK
Baltimore, Maryland

Lon Kinley:
Oops ...

Sorry, I missed that you were looking for 392 parts. I haven't seen any on eBay.

Lon - W3LK
Baltimore, Maryland

Ronald G. Reams:
If you don't wanna build one,
Astron has a good line of
28VDC supplies.

73 de Ronnie

Doran Platt:
Any of the miniature 1ma movement mil meters will work.  The R-392 requires about 4 amps of current (about 6 amps inrush, however).  I see numerous 28v supplies on Epay, weekly, that will do the job for you.  I have also found that, so long as you don't exceed 28 volts, the power supply does not need to be regulated.  


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