Zahn DCDC6350-SU-ADJ


Angelo Cnapich:
Has anyone used any products from Zahn Electronics?

I'm considering the purchase of a Zahn DCDC6350-SU-ADJ DC/DC Step Up Converter.  It's a 12 to 14.4 battery booster capable of delivering up to 38 amps.

I've already looked at Powerline (thanks to WA1RNE), MFJ, and TGE.  I've emailed Zahn regarding warranty & suitability for ham use, and am waiting for their reply.  Your input is appreciated.

You can see what I'm talking about at:


Gary Wilson:
Maybe I'm missing something, but I couldn't find a 12 VDC to 13.5 VDC battery booster type device of type typically used by hams on their website.  

They appear to be a solid manufacturer of an extensive (and expensive!) line of VDC to VDC converters, but those seem to be for dramatically changing VDC voltages on the order of doubling or halving them.

Perhaps a more specific link might help.

Thanks & 73

Gary, K2GW

Angelo Cnapich:
Thanks for responding, Gary.  If you copy & paste the web address,

it will take to the page of Zahn Electronics' website showing the DC/DC step up converters.  The one I'm interested in is the one at the bottom.

I spoke with Mr. Zahn, who seems like an honest &  knowledgable fellow.  We spoke about intended use, possible RFI, its mitigation, current draw, and related issues.  The warranty is one year.  

I decided to Give it a shot, so I actually purchased the 600W / 38 amp model.  Once I get it into service, I'll post a review.  They're not cheap, but they can put out more amps than Powerline, MFJ or TGE.  

Be advised, it may be a while before I actually get around to posting the review.  I have my hands full, and nothing happens fast here, anyway.

Gary Wilson:
Thanks.  I found the description of the unit you mentioned. It looks pretty substantial since it's designed to power trolling motors.  I guess the real test for hams is how much RFI it generates on our bands.

Also the ones for hams reviewed in the recent QST article have RF sense circuits allowing you to bypass the up convertor (and it's draw on the battery) while receiving.  Our problem is that radios need the boost mostly while transmitting.

Best of luck.  I look forward to your review.


Gary, K2GW


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