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Lowell E. Bernhardt:
Hello all.

I have lurked here for some time now, but this will be my first post.  I'm new to ham radio, just received my call sign on Monday.

Anyway, I don't have any radios yet but I do have a mobile scanner and have been listening to all the folks around here chat it up on the air.  I decided to build a yagi to try to listen to the satellites as they pass over head.

I have built a 2m and a 440 yagi on the same mast.  My question is; I have them mounted in the same plane on the mast, not at right angles to each other.  Will this affect the reception of either antenna?  If so will turning them at 90 degrees to each other help the problem.  I know the 2m works as I can hear local folks on it.  I have picked up a 2m conversation here locally on the 440 but I can;t seem to hit any sats. with it.

AO-51 passed within 705KM (almost directly overhead the other day and I could not pick it up on the 440. I'm assuming since it was very cloudy and overcast that this is why I couldn't pick it up, but I'm questioning my antenna too.

Any help you can shed on this subject will be greatly appreciated.  


Dale Hunt:
The 2m elements are also resonant close to 440, which
can mess up the pattern on the higher band.  Generally
you'll have better results with the elements at right

You can see the effect by modeling the antenna using W9CF's
online yagi antenna modeling applet here:


Steve Katz:
Clouds don't matter on 435 MHz, that wouldn't be a problem.

Did you check AO-51's schedule to confirm it was actually operational for that pass/day/time?


Listening on 435.30?

Having two beams on the same mast in the same plane should be fine.  Actually, it's entirely possible to build a 2m/70cm beam that covers both bands on the same boom (interlaced elements), just two feedlines: That works fine, too.

Lowell E. Bernhardt:
Thanks for the input guys/gals.  I have figured out my AO-51 hearing problems.  It would help if I set the scanner on the right frequency.  So the antenna does appear to work, I haven;t made a qso with the antenna through a satellite yet but I do have plans....lol

Lowell  aka...lostinthewoods


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