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Sounds like the product of a childish mind. I looked up your license class and age and then I understood!

Tim Prosser:
Back in the 80's a friend (KK8K) and I had some fun with the imaginary repeater idea.  He lived near the little town of Carleton, which is near Maybee, Michigan, and I lived up in Ann Arbor, and we worked each other simplex on 147.54 a few times.  We each had a keyer with a speaker on the radio desk, so before we let up on the microphone button we would tap the "dah" paddle once so the beep could be heard on the air.  We referred to it as the "Maybe repeater", and had at least one ham break in to ask for information on the machine.  We didn't have the opportunity to make as much of the joke as N7JCT, but you never know when the "Maybe repeater" might be on the air again.

In the mid 60's,  the NYC-Long Island area had a large group of High School kids on Six Meter AM.  We viewed this as "our" band and understandably, we were left alone by the older Hams.

One quiet night a friend called me and asked if I wanted to hear the newest Beatles album.  We knew the rules, but since it was our band and no one else but other teens were listening, what the heck......

My friend played several cuts from the album and we signed off  for the evening.  A week later, my friend ran up to me at school and showed me a letter he received from the FCC Field office in NYC, big brother WAS listening!!!

The letter was answered and the incident closed, needless to say there was no more music broadcast on 6M.


Richard Donovan:
Hmmm...I have plenty of fun with Ham Radio. The hobby is only as Technically advanced as you make it. If you are bored, you might want to consider something else, or trying another aspect of the hobby. Maybe you've changed, not the hobby.

Jeremy Kiehner:
I must say, the original post was great lmao. I live in a rural area of Pennsylvania in York County, unfortuantly it seems we have the stuffed shirt types around here as well. On the plus side however the repeaters are open repeaters, but non club members are asked to stay off air during rush hour times. In any event, it's good to see that not all hams, young or old alike are stuffed shirts and still know how to have fun ;)
Jeremy KB3DLP (now residing in Philadelphia)


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