Info on Drake RR3?


Frank Holden:
I have a Drake RR3 receiver( S/N 138!) was originally fitted as reserve receiver aboard a Swedish flag ship built in Romania  about 1984. When the ship went GMDSS in about 1994 the entire radio room outfit went for scrap..except this bit.
Query is what size the fuses should be...there  are fuse holders for both 12V and  240V supply..what size should the fuses be? Also any info on where I may find a manual for this radio.
Thanks in advance

Peter Shilton:

I know this is a long shot but figure I'd try anyways.  I have been trying to find a Drake R4245 and/or an RR-3 for some time.  Just wonder if you have considered selling yours?  Perhaps now is not the time, but if you would contact me should that day arrive I'd appreciate it.

Did you ever get the info you were looking for?  I have some contacts that might help if you are still looking for the fuse info and manual. I have the manual for the R4245 here and I suspect the fuse info will be the same, although the VFO setup is quite different in the R4245, being completely digital.

73 and thanks

Peter Shilton


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