Backpacking Ham radio


Pat Soria:
Hi everyone,
   I Backpack alot and am getting ready to take my Tech license no code, (1-2 weeks-code).  I want to get the lightest ham radio setup possible.  Would appreciate any suggestions as I am very new to the world of Ham radios but very excited.


Alan Applegate:
You didn't say which band you wanted, but by the license, I'd guess VHF/UHF. There are so many different units available, to suggest even one would indicate a personal preference. This site contains a review section  covering the most popular (and not so popular) rigs on the market. Each one has its strong and weak points, and you need to pick one based on your intended use, and of course, the depth our your pocket book.

Alan, KØBG

Steven W Ellis:
No matter what radio you decide to get, I would take a long hard look at a better antenna then the “rubber ducky” that comes with it.  I have found that even a simple homemade quarter wave is a big improvement over what comes with the radio.


Barney W. Jones:
You'll want to check out  These guys are one of the best sources of information on using Ham gear on the trail.


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