Trailer Hitch HF Antenna mount


Jim McDermott:
Several years ago I bought and installed a 3/8"-24 mount that installed beneath the ball on a trailer hitch.  The mount was rather cheap - it quickly rusted and I tired of trying to keep it rust-free.

Can anyone recommend a website/manufacturer who can fit the bill?  I would like something in stainless steel or other material that "weathers" properly on which I can mount my Hustler mast/resonators?

Thanks es 73!


Alan Applegate:
Go to a good CB or trucker radio shop and look at one of the Wilson mounts. They're aluminum and may fit the bill. But...I'd make my own. Most good hardware stores (and Home Depot) market do-it-yourself aluminum in just about every configuration you can think of. Most even sell nylon washers (they're used as spacers on lawnmower wheels) which will work as isolation washers. 3/8" couplers are also sold in the same aisle as the do-it-yourself aluminum (all-thread department) and can adapt the mount to the stud at the bottom of the Hustler. About $10 bucks out of your pocket and a few hours of homebrew work, and you're in like Fylnn!

Alan, KØBG

Steve Katz:
The Tenna-Hitch from DC Sales, and distributed by HRO, won't ever rust or deteriorate -- it's solid plate aluminum.  Very strong, and very rust-free.  I've had mine installed for about 7 years, outdoors 100% of the time, and it still looks exactly like new.



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