Comet HA-750BL Any thoughts please

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Andy Woods:
Thanks again for the reply and yes I can see what you mean it certainly looks like a no go to me.
Alan, looked at your website and lots of great info that will be useful to me in the future.
I will have to stick with my Pro - am whips for the time being and look further into what will suit my needs.

I have a Little Tarheel 2 and I really enjoy mine.  No, I don't think it radiates as well as a much larger antenna would.  However, It's light and extremely well made.  It DOES radiate a respectable signal on all bands and is easy to tune.  I've really enjoyed mine.  I actually use a good triple-mag mount with this antenna and have never had a problem.  

I used to use a triple stinger Hustler antenna, all "normal" resonators.  I found the antenna to be a superb radiator on 40 thru 6 meters.  My particular setup appeared to be fairly High Q as well.  This antenna however is not a "chick magnet" type installation if looks are important to you.  If you want your car to show up on Hamsexy - this is the one for you.

As for the Comet antenna, I can't imagine why they would manufacture such a thing.  I have a comet multi-band mobile antenna and it works well.  You have to keep LocTite on the connections, but otherwise it's a good performer.  Building a "dummy load" certainly is not going to do their reputation any good.


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