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David Gasaway:
I don't have a good tool for adjusting the ANT and MIX slugs in the coil pack of my ts-830.  It would be something like a plastic 1/16 inch flat head screwdriver.  My local radio shack has gone out of business.  Does anyone know of a place on-line where I might purchase an alignment tool for this?  Thanks so much!

Best Regards,

David Gasaway

Michael Waldrop:
Yes, try Radio Daze:

Mike W5RKL

Michael Waldrop:
I forgot to ask.

Do you have the TS-830 service manual? If not then you will need it. Download it free at Gordon's, N6WK, website.

While you are at Gordon's website, I also recommend downloading the TS-830 high resolution schematic. Click on the following link to download the hires schematic

Mike W5RKL

Phil Chambley, Sr.:

Get a knitting needle, swizzle stick or some other small diameter plastic rod.

Place a piece of fine-grit sandpaper flat on the table and, holding the plastic rod at an angle, form the end into a flat blade of the correct dimensions.

I use those things often.  Even the new ones have to be re-formed frequently because they are soft plastic.

Make sure the tip is sharp and straight, so you don't need to push hard on the wand.  If you use a lot of pressure, you will push the core to the bottom of the coil form and then have to extract it.

Phil C. Sr.

David Gasaway:
Thanks, Phil, I will absolutely try that!  I appreciate the good advice!


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