10 meter radio

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I think I am just going to scrap the CB and simply replace it with a 10 meter. The little I do use it isn't worth the trouble of trying to have both.
Another question about the range how does 10 meters compare with 2 meters for range? about the same? I am talking no repeaters or skip just average mobile to mobile comunication.

Thanks for the replys I apreciate it!!!

Mike Dickman:
I bought one of the AM antenna to Cb boxes at a truck stop and used the vehicle AM radio antenna for the CB (used mostly for receive, not very efficient for transmit).  Then used a s/s whip cut for 10m for the HTX-100 radio.  As for range on ten meters, my experience in while I lived along the coastal GA swamps was 10-20 miles ground wave.  I used a 10m 3 element beam and the R/S HTX-100.  I havn't done too much on 10m since moving back to MN, aside from the fact that 10m is pretty quiet now.


I found a magnum 257 its one of the new models with the blue display. Seems like it would work great for what I would like it to do. Anyone used this radio or have any thoughts on it?

Steve Katz:
That's legal to use on ten meters; illegal to use on 11 meters, as it is not certificated for Part 95 (CB) use; in fact, it's on the FCC list of "banned radios."

However I have a feeling you'll use it, anyway...


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Joseph Robbie Gallo:
This is the way I understand the "schizophrenic" laws regarding the FCC banned radios: It is illegal for a dealer to sell these non-certified "CB's" as the way the FCC categorized them, but it is completely legal for a ham of appropriate class to buy and use them on 10-meters (and 12-meters as some of these radios are capable)!    

We can also, of course, "home brew" our own transceivers if we have the talent, patience, and time to build one from scratch. We legally can even convert a true CB radio, somehow, to operated on 10 or 12-meters.  No "Type Acceptance" needed here either.

I also understand that it is completely legal to "open" any transceiver (HF, 10 meters, 2-meters, etc.) to transmit on non-ham bands or frequencies as long as the operator never, ever, transmits on these non-ham bands or frequencies during normal conditions.  The only exception would be a literal, true, life or death circumstance without any other options (no CB, cell phone, etc.).  In a situation like this, any radio, band, frequency or mode of transmission would be perfectly legal for hams and non-hams alike.  It has been done without any consequence.

For the "emergency" reason, I know several hams that will "open" or "unlock" all their rigs.  Virtually all of the ham rigs around can be opened by simple modifications (moving jumpers, cutting diodes, etc.)

I may be partially wrong but I really don't think so.




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