Ameritron AL-80B meter lights


Hello All,

I've had my Ameritron AL-80B for a little over 4 years now and one of the meter lights has gone out.The remaining light is not real bright so I think it's a matter of time til it goes out.
Before I unhook the amp and take the cover off (18 screws)does anyone know what bulb type are used in the amp?I don't see them listed in the parts list and I'd like to do buy the bulbs before I take the amp offline.
Many thanks!


Steve Katz:
Seems to me the lamps are part of the meter assemblies...I have an AL80B and also didn't really feel like removing the 21 screws just to look (!) but I only put this thing together a couple of months ago and I seem to recall noting the lamps are actually part of the meters, which would explain why they're not on the Parts List anywhere.  

73 de Steve WB2WIK/6

I replaced the meter lamps in my AL-80B and the worst part was taking the 21 screws out of the cabinet. I just called Ameritron and they sent me two new lamps free of charge. They are special little units that have a large almost square plastic base on them that simply push into the meter housing. You have to pry/pull the old ones out of the meter housing. Of course you also have to solder the leads on them.


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