SBE Desk Microphone


Joe Hutchens:
Need schematic/wiring diagram for SBE amplified desk microphone.  Sorry, don’t have model number.  It’s black wrinkle finish w/silver PTT and Lock buttons.  Trim around mic element is also silver.  Has gain adjustment.  In process of refurbishing it.

Appreciate the help...
Joe ( WJ5MH )

Mark Sedutto:
Hello Joe,

        The mike you have is an SBE Model 100X. It's a great mic, I use mine on 2 meter FM these days
but it's seen plenty of service.  I don't have a schematic of the amp but can probably help you out if you're just trying to rewire it. If the amp is fried I'll have to reverse engineer mine a bit. I've done that for my
D-104 (TUG-9), Turners, etcetera but not the SBE, 'cause that's the only mic that's never died on me or
given me RF problems.
      Let me know what your problem is and I'll try to provide you with what you need to know.




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