FT-101E Serial Numbers


On a FT-101E the serial on the back of the radio reads "6K 210XXX", on the right side without the case on reads "210YYY" and on the bottom on the wall of the transformer case it reads "E 0ZZZ", where XXX, YYY  and ZZZ are all different numbers. Is this suppossed to be like this on all FT101 or does it mean that this radio was put together from three different ones???

Yaesu serial numbers work like this:

6E = year and month code in this case 1976 but never worked out the month letter the next 3 digits are the batch and the last 3 are the serial number this applies to the serial number on the rear of the set the other numbers are for the chassis etc.

Hope this helps

20 years servicing Yaesu


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