Standard C5900DA VHF/UHF Tribander reset/repair??


I have a C5900 in great shape, but seems to have a CPU problem.  The radio powers up in the TX mode and is keying the UHF side of the two vfo's.  I've tried the full CPU reset, but it does not take the radio out of TX.  This problem started when a TNC attached to the radio was accidently cross-wired to a power supply.  The radio still TX's audio from the TNC, but all other functions are locked.

I'm looking for any other reset menus or functions beyond those described in the owners manual.  Does anybody know any menu or reset functions about this radio?  Can anybody recommend a good repair shop for this rare transceiver from the mid-nineties?

Thanks for any help!

Brian, KC7OTV

sounds as if something on the ptt line bit it when the tnc was miswired.should be a simple fix.
i have 2 5900's and have not had to do anything to them yet so not familiar with their design.
hopefully it is a switching transistor and not the cpu!

Larry J. Rolewic:
It may be a simple fix, but if you need repair, here's a contact for Standard repair:

Matt Adrian  KD8ZB
SAR Technical Services
1792 Nash Drive
St. Joseph, MI 49085
TEL: 269-429-2334

  I haven't used his services, but I believe he was a Standard repair tech, and has a lot of parts.  He may be your ONLY chance for a repair.  Good luck.  I have three Standard radios (a mobile and 2 H-T's) and pray they never need repair.

Thanks for the suggestion guys.  The radio is off to SAR Technical Services in Michigan for repair.  This shop will do repair work on Standard Radios.





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