TM-742 Replacing lamps with LED's


Marty Woll:
I have recently acquired a Kenwood TM-742 and notice that the display unit gets quite warm on all but the lowest backlight settings.  Has anyone successfully replaced the incandescent lamps in the display unit with LED's?  I don't have a service manual but understand that reassembly of the display unit can be tricky.

Although heat and current drain would no longer be an issue with LED's, I would like to retain the dimming function in order to reduce visual distraction during night mobile operation.

Any experience or help in this area would be appreciated.


Marty N6VI

Doyle Hardy:
I just replaced the lamps in one of my TM-742A. If you have a steady hand (I dont') they can be replaced very easy. I was able to open it up and a friend did the actual replacement. The bulbs from Kenwood are about $3 a piece. They are rated at about 80ma at 6.2v. I was able to find some at a local surplus store that only drew 20ma.  My unit has been on all day and is still fairly cool.
I dont think that I would try to put in LED's
Good luck


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