mods and the FT-817 FRS & MARINE FREQ.

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Kevin Bousquet:
Is there a mod for the ft-817 that allows transmit and receive into the FRS and Marine Frequencies ??  I am thinking of trading or selling my Kenwood TS-440s for and FT-817.

Delar Messmore:
Kinda lonely here, isn't it?

Lon Kinley:
I don't know about Canada, but in the US, using a modified ham rig on FRS and marine frequencies is very illegal. I wouldn't be surprised to find it's that way in Cadana, as well.

Considering the price of FRS radios, it surely isn't worth the effort for that.


I agree with Lon, and I do believe it is illegal in Canada as well.

Can't fault someone for wanting to run an FT-817.  Nice rig.  There's nothing anywhere near that small that does what it will do.  Just use it for what it was designed for.  I think you'll find performance deteriorates quickly once you go much outside the ham bands.


Ed Gallup:
  Without being judgemental, the answer to your question is NO.  There are no mods for what you ask, due to the design of the FT-817.  There is a Yaesu sanctioned MARS/CAP mod which will extend operations a short bit outside the prescribed amateur bands, but the FT-817 is not capable of going into the 150MHz range, or the 460MHz range.



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