TS-930 problems

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Jan Beaver:
Okay, I'm back on this thread. I repaired the final amp board by soldering wire through each plated through hole. That worked great! The rig had perfect transmit power on all bands. Then, as I was just tuning around listening, the display went blank and the receiver died. Removing J9 on the digital board did not restore the display/receive. Now the display is blank and the On Air LED is lit. The power supply appears to be fine, power into each unit is good, so something must have cooked. Any ideas where I should start looking? I soldered wire into the suspect through-holes on the digital board to no effect.

Mike Pagel:
Like you, I obtained a low serial number '930 and it was suffering from numerous problems.  I did two things to crawl out from under...

One was the purchase and installation of the Piexx board to replace the rig's original digital board.  The other was boxing up the rig and shipping it off to LPC Wireless.  

The real reaons I'm writing, Jan, is to tell you that I have the 930's service manual in PDF format.  The files are HUGE.  The are 5 of them, and they range from 3.6 meg to over 67 meg.  I'd be happy to mail you a CD if you think it would help you.

73, de Mike, K9UW
Amherst, WI
k9uw at wi-net dot com

Jan Beaver:
Thanks for the offer of the service manual. I actually ordered a photocopied version yesterday, but at what I thought was the reasonable price of $25 delivered. I'll look into the Piexx board option. It could very well be that the digital board is fried, although the signal board could also have a problem.

I think I'll probably end up doing as you did and have the rig professionally aligned/repaired. It's a beautiful radio, just subject to madenning failures.

Jan - KC0V

Roy Sakabu:
By the way Jan, be SURE to disconnect the power cord from the radio or from the power outlet before doing anything in the radio.  There is live 120VAC in the chassis even with the power switch in the OFF position.  If you touch the "live" voltage, you won't get much of a shock, but if any loose wires touch a wrong part of the radio, POOF.


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