FT 767GX Lithium memory backup batteries


Mike Morneau:
Does anyone out there happen to know if the lithium batteries in the FT767GX are soldered in, or use some sort of snap in battery holder?

If they are soldered in, do they use the ones with insulated multstrand wire, or are they the tinned lead type variety?

I wanted to find out so I could order replacements to have on hand before opening the rig up.

The part numbers that I have for the batteries (taken from service manual) are CR 1/3N & CR 2025-WT2

Thanks in advance.
73 de Mike VE3MIC

hi mike,

if you order them from yaesu,
they will be the correct type,
either direct solder or lead.

73 james

John Burch:
ther is also a Yahoo group for the 767...good guys, and good info !

Larry J. Rolewic:
Google on some of the battery companies (Everready, Panasonic, Mallory, etc.) and look up the specific battery type (the number AND the suffix, which specifies contact type) to determine what physical configuration you really need.  (This should be in the service manual, but perhaps not.)
    It's somewhat unlikely that a simple coin cell that slips into a socket or holder is used; with radios that are meant to be (or even might be) used mobile, the manufacturers didn't want to rely on connections that could be jostled loose during rough handling.  (That's their decision.)


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