Motorola SP50 to Ham 2 meters


Bill Ayer:

I have several Motorola SP50 hand held VHF radios that I would like to use for emergency comms at our county EOC.  Can these be converted and programed for ham 2-meter use?


Clark McDonald:

You can do it yourself:


You can take them to a local Motorola servive shop and pay to have them programmed to your frequencies.  

It is a discontinued radio, so some shops may or may not still want to deal with them.  If you explain, ARS, Emergency, etc. they may be more accepting sometimes.  

Commercial type acceped radios are good for EM not only because of their rugged durability, in situations where the same personnel may also have to access a business band repeater and are also licensed amateurs,  it can be a very good and cost effective one radio solution.  



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