QRP CW transceivers in an "Altoids" tin.

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Jackie LaVaque:

I am interested in building a 20 or 40 meter CW QRP kit. My only experience with kits was to build a shortwave receiver, which I was able to do with no problem (and it even works).

A friend of mine recently purchased a QRP kit at Dayton. It's a 40 meter CW transceiver that he fit into an Altoids mints tin. He told me which company made the kit and now, for the life of me, I can't recall the name of the company that sells this kit. My friend is not reachable right now, otherwise I'd ask him.

Anyone know the name of the company who makes this kit? And if you do and have built one, would you recommend them for a relative beginner to kitbuilding? Seems to me there were a few toroids to wind-- even though I've not done that before, I can't imagine it will be too difficult with a little practice.

Thanks QRPers,


Leonard R. Payne:
There are several good companies that I know of that sell kits.  Small Wonder Labs could be the company that you are looking for.  Ten Tec makes a great QRP rig, but it is a bit larger than Altoids tin.

Mark Brueggemann:
Yes, Dave Benson/Small Wonder Labs is the outfit you're looking for.  The rig is called the Rock Mite and is available for 40 or 20 meters.  I put mine together during a lunch hour and it fired up right out of the chute, about 700mW on a gel cell.  Have yet to make a QSO with it though, when 40 is open the competition drowns you out, and being rockbound all you can do is keep calling and hope.  Still a fun little rig though, and a pretty decent receiver considering the parts count.

Mark K5LXP
Albuquerque, NM

Jim "Elvis" Seifert:
There are two radios that I am familiar with that fit into an Altoids tin.  

One is the Kanga FOXX-3.  This radio is easy to make and looks cool but it doesn’t have a very good receiver.  The board is shaped to fit right into the Altoids tin.


The other is the Rockmite.  A little more difficult to make but still easy and has a better receiver.  The Rockmite comes in 20 and 40 meter kits.


Jim "Elvis" Seifert:
I forgot to mention that the KANGA FOXX-3 has the toroids that you have to wind.  I believe there are three of them.  The Rockmite doesn’t have any toroids to wind.  Both radios are within the capabilities of a beginning kit builder.  


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