window pass thru for antenna cable


david conilogue:
some where i saw a pass thru that fit in your window opening with connectors attached for connecting cable on both sides, while keeping your window closed.would anyone know where i could find this


Hi, David,

I rent the home I'm in and had the same issue.  I went to R&L Electronics (my local ham dealer) and bought a Comet HM-05.  That's a small jumper (.5m or about 1.5') of RJ-316 mini coax with an SO-259 at one end and a BNC at the other.  It was inexpensive and did the trick.  I can have my screen in, window closed and locked, and the mini coax is tiny enough to get through my window.  I use wither RG-8X (HF) or 9913 (VHF/UHF) for the rest of the run out to the deck where the antennas are.


Ronald G. Reams:
In addition to Caity's method, if you want something
more permanet.  Two thinks that I've used in the
past before I started just going through the walls.


Relace a window pane with plexiglass and
mount bulkheads in the plexi. Attach your
lightning protecetion with double male and
ground. If using
open wire feed line, put the ceramic
standoffs through the plexi. Install
Large DPDT knife swith outside to ground feed
line when not in use.


Get a Piece of steel the width of the window
and L bracket it to the sill, after installing
bulkheads and a bolt stud.  Close window
to the tops of the plate and put screws into
the frame of the bottom window to the top
window to prevent its movement.  Connect
stud to an earth ground.

73 de Ronnie

Greg Dome:
You are referring to the Quicksilver.  It is carried by Universal Radio. for $29.95
Hope this helps. Greg

Seth Lavinder:
Friend of mine took a piece of 2x4 cut to fit the width of his window,  drilled several holes slightly larger than the coax he was going to use down the length of it on it's face,  then ripped it on table saw.

Take the two piece's of the 2x4 and apply stick on weather stripping ,  lay coax in it and shut window.  This will require cutting another piece of 2x4 for a make shift window lock.

He used scrap wire from an old wore out orange extension cord as plugs for the unused coax holes.

Works beautifully, and is one of the most unintrusive methods of doing this (perfect for renters),  as there are not permanent modifications or damage done to window.



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