Prop Pitch motors as Rotors


Mark Hoffman:
I just acquired a small prop pitch @ Rochester hamfest. Now the big questions arise - how to make it work!

Are there any articles I should reference as to the care/feeding of such beasts, and any hints/kinks from existing or former users of same? It will be turning a stack of microwave antennas (stacked yagis, loopers and a 2' solid dish - well under loaded!)so it certainly is overkill - I really wanted it for the potential accuracy and strength.

Thanks in advance!


Phil Duff:
There have been articles on using prop-pitches for rotors in various ham magazines but they were many years ago.   I suggest contacting Glenn Rattman K6NA for information on rebuilding and using prop-pitches as rotors.  Glenn was very helpful when getting mine ready to go up on my tower.  Hopefully your prop-pitch hasn't had any of the dreaded modifications done that change it's gear ratio to gain turning speed.  

Keith Tollett:
M squared antennas make a rotor controler just for prop pitch motors. Warning!!! You need to determine the powering setup of your motor. Some PP ( prop pitch ) motors used the case as ground return . If yours is one of these you need to remove the chasis ground connection on the back of the rotor control be fore plugging it in once it's installed on the tower or it will start turning and before you can shut it off it will eat your coax!!!

I suggest you connect it up on the ground before installation and see what happens, provided you buy this controller. I believe it's about $500.00.  It uses a magnetic pick up you place inside the reduction gear assembly. The pulses then go to the control box and read out digitally. One nice feature is you can tell the controller that any direction is north, and it rotates from there. In my opinion it is the most sanitary and easiest way to make a PP work as a rotor.

Good luck !!

73 Keith  K6FEE

Alton McConnell:
I have also purchased a prop pitch motor (at Dayton).  There does not appear to be much in the ham literature.  I have searched QST.  I have two articles coming from the late 1940's. I have also found some articles from 1970 to date.   I also have an article coming from CQ.

Ary you still working on this and what have you found?


Alton, NU8L


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