Hi from f4ckv,

  I'm looking for water isulator for trappe on hy-gain

  In fact I have a TH6DXX and it's impossible to find water isolator for hy-gain antenna.

 thanks in advance.

73 from f4ckv Pierre

Dale Hunt:
I also have a TH6DX and need the trap "boots" to keep the water

The Hy-Gain antenna company was purchased by MFJ and was
moved to a new address in Mississippi.  Replacement parts can be
ordered from the Hy-Gain.  Look at a recent advertisement for
their new address to order by mail.  Or you can try calling them at
1-662-323-9538.  They can take the order over the telephone if
you have a credit card (but I do not know if they will handle
international shipments.)

Bon Heur! -Dale WB6BYU


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