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Michael Brown:
I have a bone to pick about the service with AES Cleveland. I ordered a Sony ICF-7600GR from them over the telephone on Tuesday afternoon. I paid with a credit card, and the guy I ordered from confirmed the address for me as being my apartment address. I also ordered a copy of the 2007 Passport to Worldband Radio. Well, the order was shipped to the wrong address. The ordered ended up being shipped to the place I used to work, so I had to drive to my former employer and pick up the package. This was bad enough, since the address the guy read back to me over the telephone was my apartment address, but I was willing to let this mistake slip, since I had ordered from them before at my former job, and I figured someone just made a mistake and shipped it to the wrong address. The thing I am upset about the most is the fact that the box that the radio came in looks like it has been dropped or something. The UPS box itself, and the book I ordered are fine, but the Sony box has damage on it like it has been dropped or crushed. After seeing this, there is no way I am paying for this radio, so now I have to ship the radio back to AES and hope they reimburse me for the shipping cost, plus credit my Mastercard for the amount I paid for the radio. I can't believe they would even send out a radio with a box that looks like this! If the box has damage, how am I supposed to know whether or not the contents aren't damaged as well? I paid for a NEW radio, not a demo or a used radio, and I expect it to arrive in a box that looks new too, not one that looks like it has been dropped or crushed. So, back to AES Cleveland the radio will go on Saturday. I hope they do the right thing here and recredit my card and reimburse me for the shipping cost back to them. This will be the last thing I ever order from AES. If they aren't smart enough to send out a radio in a package that doesn't look like it has been dropped, I won't give them my business. Has anyone else had any problems like this with AES?


I have ordering from AES Milwaukee and Clevland for over 20 years. I have never had any problems. Great service. Great people also. I have done many internet orders as well and no problems with that also.

Michael Brown:
Just to update, AES Cleveland did refund my shipping and the cost of the radio.  Al with the Cleveland store was very helpful to me, and I don't know picked and shipped the order. I re-ordered a 7600GR because I read all the goo reviews on it, and it shipped out of Milwaukee, with no problems.  I wish I would have taken a photo of the first radio that they shipped though, to prove how badly damaged the box was.  I have never had any problems with AES up until then.  The guy I spoke with said they inspected the radio when I returned it to them and that the radio was fine.  That may well be the case, but would you want a radio to arrive in a box that looked like someone had played football with it?  I will probably order from AES again, but I will most likely avoid the Cleveland store next time and go with one of the other stores.


Dick Williams:
AES Cleveland may do a good job with phone orders, but if you want a real experience, visit the store!  Three of us visited the store about three weeks ago, and we were spending some money, not just a few bucks.  First of all it was impossible to get these sales people off their butts.  I asked where an item was and the younger guy just nodded his head and said, "over there."  In all fairness one of the sales people actually had a personality and carried on a conversation.  I mistakingly asked the young buck where was a good place to eat - he responded, "there's an Italian place down the road."  When I asked if he could be more specific as we were from out of town his reply was, "just go down that way and you'll find it."  Maybe someday they'll learn there is more to sales than ringing up the register.

Dick Williams


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