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Greg P.:
I'm just starting out in Ham Radio. No I'm still studying for my Tech Lic. OK someone is giving me a tower with an Antenna on it. Looking on the internet to see what type it is....and it looks like a Super Scanner Cb antenna. He says he used it for 10 meter  on a (Uniden/President) radio. Can I use this antenna?
Or should I keep the Tower and throw away the antenna.
P.S. He is Not a ham......and has little or no info on antenna.

                    Thanks in advance....Extract44

Steve J. Holm:
Yes you could (transmit) when you have a Tech PLUS or General license (HF CW privileges).

You may need a transmatch though.Those are quite an antenna and can be directional if it works right yet.

Good luck on your first test and let us know if you need any help !!

Michael Dassero:
When I got my first ticket, Novice with code then tech plus my first HF radio was a Kenwood TS440s and my first HF antenna was a Super Scanner Antenna and my radio which had an auto tuner built in tuned the antenna with no probs at all.  I had low SWR's all the way around.  It is an excellent ELECTRICAL beam antenna and you don't need anything special to tune the antenna if your SWR's are good and no trans-match needed.  When you get HF privilages good luck on the antenna and by all means don't get rid of it.  Glad you also obtained a tower alongwith the antenna because when you decide to upgrade to a regular rotating beam then you have something to put the new beam on.  Finances considering.  Hope to someday hear you on the radio.

Good Luck

73's Mike, N0mud

I remember the super scanner. The originsl msker was Avante.

  You have 3 10M dipole anetnna's. The atnenna can be omnidirectional with 3db(d) gain,(thats 3 db gain more than a dipole. So you would have a superior antenna to a 10M vertical with no radials.

  The other  elements could act as dual directors for the driven element that was radiating in the direction you wanted to go.

  This is kind of having an beam, with no rotator. The 3 driven elements would be arranged around a 360 degree arc. The relay switch box would choose 1 of 3 direction sectors. The antenna could have all elements driven in phase for omnidirectional operation.

  All in all, a very novel design.
Please be advised these were 11M antenna's, that worked very well on 10M and 12M without a tuner.

  I have used 11M antenna's for Ham use. I find the sme result. With an anyenna tuner, they will give good responce down to 20meters.

  On 40 and 80, they are garbage, unless you could mount your tuner at base of the antenna. Some antenna tuners are built this way.

  The auto tuning unit is on the roof. You have some multicore csble tht would run to the control box for the tuner.

  I would noy mind buying s super scsnner sntenns for my shack.
I can not put a beam on my roof.
 The super scanner would give me the effect of a 2 element beam with a large beamwidth. Active driven element with 2 directors to cover a 120 degree arc.

  It will have 6db gain less than a conventional 3 element beam. However look at all the advantages.
  You save hundreds of dollars on a motorised rotor.

  You simply have a 4 position switch. 3 120 degree sectors directional. 1 position of a very high gain omnidirectioal.
In the omni mode it works better than a 5/8th wave 18 foot ground plane.

  In the directional mode, you can go from 1 of 3 directions in a second! No waiting for a slow rotator.
No expensive rotor motor to burn out. No moving parts period.

  This antenna also has a very small foot print compared to s beam. However the spacing of the elements, will cause phase problems the further away you are from 10M.

   I do not know who still sells them. I would not mind buying one. They were rated for hundreds of watts.

   73 DE mike

  Very novel design, anybody see them being sold anymore

  In my day the price was under $80.


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