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bob spicer:
Can anyone tell me would it be possible to build a 4 element quad with twin driven loops IE: one loop for vertical and one for horizontal? Would there be any side effects with this combination? Also what would be an easy way to feed the two loops,IE quater wave matching made with 75 ohm coax etc?
                      Tnx Bob ve1cz

Dale Hunt:
Actually I'd try using a single driven loop, but with
separate feedpoints for horizontal and vertical polarization.
I think I've seen this done using baluns with delta or T
matches at each feedpoint, so the basic loop wire is
continuous.  This also lets you adjust each feedpoint
for a 50 ohm match without any additional matching sections.

I've done this using a single feedpoint, a half-wave coax
4 : 1 balun, and a delta match.  I used insulated wire for
the delta feed wires, which were twisted around the driven
element using capacitive coupling through the insulation.
This way the wires could be slid along the driven element
to find the optimum spacing for lowest SWR.  Just use one
in a vertical side and one in a horizontal side and run
the cables to a switch, or phase them for circular

Brock Rutledge:
Hy-gain made a 4 element cubical quad for 11 meters years ago using dual driven elements with seperate feeds for horizontal and vertical polarization. I believe the feed lines were 75 ohms with coiled line on the spreaders for chokes/matching. The driven elements were spaced approximately 6 inches apart with the feed point being (looking from reflector forward) at the 9 o'clock position on one element and the 6 o'clock position on the other wire driven element, direct connected - braid to one end and center conductor to the other end of the wire element. You might be able to locate an old manual on the net for one of these antennas. They were called the Big Gun II by Hy-gain. If you could put one together, scaled for 10 meters, you would have a heck of a quad for that band.

gary quinn:
Try to find a Avanti PDL 2 dual polarity quad.
They were a popular 11m antenna at one time. With a few mods they should be fine on 10m.

Gary   VA7YO


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