VHF & UHF Dipole Antennas On The Same Mast


Didn't Decibel Products and/or Antenna Specialists used to manufacture an antenna that had a VHF 4-bay dipole and a UHF 4-bay dipole mounted on the same mast, with separate harnesses and feed lines?

A repeater club I belong to could use such an antenna as we a limited to one mast on the building rooftop.

Anyone know of some other company that now manufactures such an antenna?

Steve Katz:
You can always mount VHF and UHF 4-poles on the same mast, the manufacturer doesn't have to do that for you.  In fact, most 4-pole antennas have the mast as an "option," and the real antenna, which is the 4 dipoles with the phasing harness, is the product for sale -- you can use your own mast, or a tower leg.

I've installed a lot of these, and always bought just the "antennas," using my own masts (2" aluminum hollowbar).  This makes the shipping costs for the antenna much, much lower.



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