Hustler 6BTV vs ZeroFive 43' Multiband Vertical

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Craig Haggerty:
A Hy-Tower would seem to be the ultimate vertical.  But it's just a little more money than I want to spend right now.  I decided to purchase the MFJ-1793 80-40-20 meter 33' vertical.  It's should perform well enough, and I can save the extra dough towards a future tower and beam.


Mike Schwartzman:
Take a look at the Butternut verticals. The HF-9V is a champ sited nicely over a good radial field.

Tom Rauch:
If I was operating 40 and higher I'd opt for the Hustler and never look back. The only problem with the Hustler is on 80. It would have narrow bandwidth and marginal efficiency (and compromised power handling) on 80.

The ZeroFive would have a terrible feedline SWR on many bands, either with or without a matching transformer. The only way I'd use one is to use a really good feedline like Heliax or put a remote tuner at the antenna. I personally would never use an unmatched vertical if I really cared about the signal. The trap vertical would be much better.

73 Tom

Bring on any multiband vertical ,That is the same price as mine for a field strength shootout.


Well, it seems to me you can do one of two things: Wait until Ward Silver puts out an updated edition of his manual "HF VERTICAL PERFORMANCE - TEST METHODS & RESULTS" or read the eHam reviews of the ZeroFive Multiband Vertical.

"My only regret is that I didnt find out about Tom at Zerofive before I wasted money on other brands of antennas."

"Compared to my old 6BTV Hustler which I replaced with this Zero Five multiband vertical it’s a different world – Mongolia 5/9 on 40m, India 20m 5/9, Hawaii 5/9 20m and Guinea 5/9 17m."

"The antenna performed better at my location then these 20 foot roof mounted verticals
Hustler 5BTV, Butternut HF6V and the SteppIr BigIr Vertical."

"I have owned Mosley and HyGain verticals before, but they were toys compared to this vertical."

"In the past I have had the following Verticals...Cushcraft AP-8,AB5V,R-5,R7.Hustler 6BTV.Butternut HF2V,Hf9V,HF6V.Gap Eagle and Titan.The Zerofive Multiband crushes all the others that I have had."

"I have had HyGain,Cushcraft,Hustler and Mosley. None are as well built as this Zero-Five."
"The Butternut antenna I ran for so many years was great, but it is made to work certain very narrow parts of the bands, without a tuner. So that was nice, but moving from the low part of 20, or 40m or even from the Cw portions of 80 to the Phone bands was impossible on the HF9V, without having to go outside and retune the antenna, which can turn into an all day affair. I love CW, but I also love ragchewing. Tom's antennas filled the 'bill' on what I needed."

Please note that I have included all of the negative comments from the reviews - as in there were none.  You can read for yourselves all of the positive comments about the quality of the materials and service after the sale.  And above all, please keep in mind, modeling is one thing performance is another!



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