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Author Topic: AES = Careless, service going downhill  (Read 13308 times)

Posts: 5

« Reply #45 on: September 26, 2003, 08:57:56 AM »

If you wanted your "small" parts so fast and on-time, why didn't you have them sent UPS overnite or second-day?  If you did, it wouldn't have mattered if they came from Orlando or Milwaukee.

I would not have "set aside" time for a project until
all parts are in-hand and delivered.

Sounds like you dropped the ball on this one by not paying $$$ for faster shipping.  In the world of shipping, you get what you pay for.  Sounds like you did!


Posts: 306

« Reply #46 on: September 26, 2003, 02:40:46 PM »

"If you wanted your "small" parts so fast and on-time, why didn't you have them sent UPS overnite or second-day?"

Why would I pay significantly more for two-day shipping if I've always received packages in two days when sent from the Milwaukee store?  Clearly you must have more disposable income than I do if you're able to pay more money to receive the same thing.  Me not paying for two-day shipping was not the cause of the problem. Perhaps you should go back to my original post and read it again.

"I would not have "set aside" time for a project until all parts are in-hand and delivered."

Again, that's very idealistic thinking.  Sometimes it just works out that a free block of time and the necessary help become available to allow for a project to be done during the upcoming weekend.  If I had every part that I'd ever need for an upcoming project on hand, I wouldn't be ordering the parts in the first place.

"Sounds like you dropped the ball on this one by not paying $$$ for faster shipping. In the world of shipping, you get what you pay for. Sounds like you did!"

No, not really.  I still hold true that if AES would've shipped the parts from the store I ordered them from, this would not have been a problem.  Or, if they would've explained to me that they were shipping from a different store, this also would not have been a problem.

It sounds like you either work at AES, know somebody who does, or own stock in UPS if you are trying to talk people into paying for 2-day shipping when that is the normal ship time from the packages origin.

The bottom line here is that AES should've had the courtesy to explain my order would arrive 5-days later as they shipped it from a location other than the one I called.  I don't think that's expecting too much.

Dan / ab0re


Posts: 12

« Reply #47 on: September 28, 2003, 02:30:32 PM »


Posts: 3746

« Reply #48 on: October 01, 2003, 09:47:16 PM »

I've been using AES since 1993, never had any problems, always got my UPS package two or three days after ordering.

One time I had to make a claim for damage and my account was credited within three days.

The sales staff at AES is great, they know their stuff and if they can't answer my question, the find the answer fast.

In response to the other person not receiving the correct item, he should have checked inside the shipping carton, if AES shipped the wrong item the inventory at the store would reflect this.  The ship error could have been corrected.


Posts: 135

« Reply #49 on: October 08, 2003, 06:08:23 PM »

If you think that, in the course of online/on the phone trading, due diligence, read caution, is only required with individuals and not dealers, think again.

I could go on, but the experiences I've had in the past week with another major dealer, bearing some similarity to this thread, teaches me that due diligence is required with everybody,,,,individuals, dealers, and dealer wannabes, when making sight unseen transactions. Get all the details, caveats, qualifiers, etc. straight up front with buyers AND sellers, dealers or not! Document who said what, when. There are those that will do or say anything just to make a sale, without a second thought, notwithstanding what could have been done differently, from the outset, by AES or the originator of this thread.

This is/should be a hobby, not a hassle, right folks? Right? Right?

Posts: 7

« Reply #50 on: October 14, 2003, 10:57:31 PM »

I agree.  In May 2003, I purchased two MFJ antennas.  One was received that had a manufacturing date code of Jan 2003, and the other from November 2002.  The November 2002 antenna had been cross-threaded and would not screw on to the S0-239 base.  AES never answered me so I went directly to MFJ.  Needless to say, I paid the return shipment to MFJ.  I almost paid for the replacement shipment too until Robert at MFJ commented I never used the antenna since it was defective from the onset.  Think AES could have at least confirmed that "whoever/whomever" returned the antenna to the Milwaukee store was selling product in re-saleable/ usable condition. Guess it's just better to ship out a $65 antenna without checking!  AES won't be receiving any new business from me any time soon!  That is disappointing since I have purchased numerous items in the past from them.  Maybe the on-line Inet purchases are less than customer friendly so customer-servise policies don't apply! Shame on AES.  Maybe it's just another sign of the times!  Sad, really sad!

Posts: 33

« Reply #51 on: October 25, 2003, 09:50:00 PM »

   I deal with AES in Las Vegas almost exclusivly and find their service just as good as the day I started using them.. Just ordered items last week over the phone and were sent here on the day promised....My hat goes off to Squeak(AD7K),that I most often get on the phone, and his crew at AES in Las Vegas,NV......

Posts: 87

« Reply #52 on: December 05, 2006, 09:58:58 AM »

The downhill trend continues.  I have purchased from AES for 20-years, but the times are a changing...

At one time it was the norm that if you placed a telephone order with a specific AES store location, your order would be shipped from that location.  I would therefore place my order with the nearest AES location.  If they were out of stock and were going to ship the item from another AES location, they would tell you!  Not any more.  You never know from which direction your order is coming.  It is also apparent that it is now the customers responsibility to cross-examine the salesman to confirm which location is actually going to process the order and ship the items out.  It is now pointless to order from the AES location nearest to you, since often times they have no intention of actally processing the order.  They throw the order into the "system", spin the big wheel, and then decide which location gets stuck doing the paperwork.  The difference can obviously result in 5-days of shipping time compared to only 2-days from the nearby location.

The other decline is in integrity.  AES now improves its profit margin by reselling old equipment as new.  In my case I ordered and paid for a brand new frequency counter.  I received a used/demo frequency counter.  The AC charger was missing its box.  The plastic sleeve for the antenna was ripped open.  I contacted AES and they replaced it with a "new" one.  I had to pay to return the used/demo to them.  No note of apology with the replacement unit.  Just the typical big company attitude of "Ok, so you caught us.  What do you want, a medal?"  I also ordered an Icom 2m radio that was supposed to have a rebate, but they refused to send the correct rebate form.  I had to contact Icom directly in order to receive the form.  Sad thing was this was a $700 order.  AES needs to post on their web-site at what dollar amount they will start caring about your order.

Sad to see AES has gone the way of other merchants in deciding that customer service is more of a hassle than it is worth.  The bottom line now is to bring in more new customers than you tick off.  As long as sales from first time customers generate profits, you don't need repeat sales from previous customers.

Posts: 3

« Reply #53 on: July 21, 2009, 07:39:13 AM »

I bought a Hy-Tower Jr. from AES, the box had been opened and all the hardware packages taken out of it. I called AES and told them about it, they had me contact hy-gain who had me contact AES. Add an additional $50.00 for the antenna hardware. Not to be a whining sniffling ball bag but AES will not be a supplier I will use in the future. Antenna works good BTW. 73 Marc NC7M
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