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Author Topic: Buxcomm?....Never Again  (Read 15112 times)

Posts: 2

« Reply #30 on: March 26, 2008, 01:37:41 PM »

I wish I had checked here before placing an order for a balun with Buxcomm.  I called to day to check on the status of the order since their on-line information for the order showed no updates.  The response was atrocious, everything from "Oh, we never update that, it would take two people!" to "Check with the post office".  The woman then transfered me to the "technician" for some reason.  He was apparently across the room as I could hear her yelling at him.  His response: "If she can't help you I surely can't".  Finally I heard her yell "Tell him we shipped it Monday!"  Gee, that's the information I originally called for.  Now I just hope the balun arrives and that it works.  But deal with Buxcomm?



Posts: 1

« Reply #31 on: August 01, 2008, 01:54:12 PM »

Unfournately I have to agree with so many of the reviewers of BuxComm. They have very good prices on many of their products, but what is sorely missing is CUSTOMER SERVICE. The lady who sometimes answers the phone is very courteous and professional. Today 08/01/2008 I received an order I placed with Bux Comm. for over $100.00. Two speakers were missing that I ordered. I called Bux Comm and advised them that my order was short. The lady stated they would ship them right out and put me on hold for an additional order item (50 feet RG8X Coax Cable). A gentlemen came on the line and took my order. When I asked him since they are shipping the speakers to me by UPS could he put the coax cable in the box and I could save some postage. He stated they could but he would have to charge me $10.00 postage on the coax. I asked since they are shipping out the speakers anyway just put the coax in with the speakers. He advised me they couldn't do that, it was aganist their policy. I then told him that that was not very business like and that they were giving me a bad deal. After I explained that I was not happy about their policy and that I wanted to cancel my order. I asked them to just send the speakers to me that I had already paid for. I told the gentleman that I could now understand why they had some many negative reviews on and other amateur radio sites. I also told him I was going to leave a comment on about their customer service and business practices. Bottom Line!!!! IF YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DEAL WITH BUX COMM USE ANOTHER VENDOR OR COMPANY WHO HAS REAL CUSTOMER SERVICE AND CONCERN FOR THEIR CUSTOMERS!(OR WILL WORK WITH YOU)!

Posts: 338


« Reply #32 on: September 02, 2008, 10:02:15 AM »

"When you call BUXCOMM Tech Support, 1 877 530 7339,  you speak to a HAM who is an RF and
Telecommunications engineer with more than 60 years experience in two-way communications !"

So this explains the arrogance and the rudeness...basically, a "I know what's good for you attitude, so quit your bellyaching and hand me yo' money!"

Not surprised at all...


Posts: 3

« Reply #33 on: November 10, 2008, 10:14:01 AM »

I received very bad emails from Buxcomm and a friend of mine asked me to see this thread here, being a customer and I was only tracing my first order with buxcomm and had no choise but to post this in ended with very serious abuse from buxcomm.

I did not mean to post this against any one, this is what I have experinced and may be it is of any help to other hams, I have already posted this in , thank you and 73

I had an order from buxcomm more than one and half month ago, the order according to them at that time was shipped via USPS and it was not having a tracking number for me to trace the order, I therefore tried my best to contact buxcomm again and again but they never responded to my inquires.

Later on, I posted a thread on this site about this matter, never been rude, never used bad English road words, never been specific accusing anyone been a bad person, but I was only trying to trace my shipment.

Yesterday I had to place another order to complete my set up of the order and have some more parts to fit the antennas I have order from them plus 3 more mono band antennas, I completed the ordering process as usual and received and email of confirmation of my order.

As far as I know when such an order been made on the internet the card I use is being charged, this is if I am not mistaken.
This is what I have received:

“””Order Confirmation from

Rashid Khanji

Thanks for shopping with us today!
The following are the details of your order.
Order Number: 3489
Date Ordered: Sunday 09 November, 2008
Detailed Invoice:

please include my telephone number on the shipping information’s for the USPA
post office here in Qatar to contact me and please send me the tracking
number for USPS to trace this order thank you

1 x SM1LX10 Right Angle SM1L Mount SO239 type Pack of 10 (SM1LX10)  = $66.95
10 x TIPFERL Lost the ferrule that holds your whip tip atop your BUXSTIX
antenna. (TIPFERL)  = $44.50
3 x BHF40M BHF40M 40 METER 3 8 X 24 THREAD 8 feet long (BHF40M)  = $56.85
1 x BHF75M BHF75M 75 METER 3 8 X 24 THREAD 8 feet long (BHF75M)  = $18.95
Sub-Total: $187.25
United States Postal Service (Priority Mail International (6 - 10 days)):
Total: $272.60

Delivery Address

This afternoon I have received another email from buxcomm with very bad English words saying my order been cancelled as I have previously posted the thread at but with really very bad manner.

Here it is:

People who write LIES about us and try to run our business down are NOT welcome here, and their orders are NOT welcome.
You wrote some bad lies about us, and we do not forget you.  We will no longer selll to BAD people who tell lies about us.
I have made and order from Buxcomm and in the order the transportations means was via USPS Express Service.

Buxcomm did not send me any tracking number neither they responded to my emails of telephone calls, all I have got is the information’s of order and the bill of charging my credit card which also been confirmed detected by my bank.

I tried my best to find a mean to contact USPS to contact them and inform them that my order did not arrive so far but logging to their site, I could not find how to make my contact.

I have emailed buxcomm again and telephoned them for 4th time which did cost me more than 60% of the value of my order and they keep me hugged on the phone to check until their phone cut off, without getting any sort of details to where be my order.

Thank you all and wishing you all of the best

Rashed A71AN/A71CW
Rashid Khanji,   Your order;  Order Number: 3489   Date Ordered: Sunday 09 November, 2008  has been cancelled !
G E Rogers
C E O  BUXCOMM Corporation

I then emailed them for an immediate re fund of my money again without answering their bad words about myself which they stated in their email and went direct to the subject instead of being personnel and this is what I have received in return:

You are a really sick individual, as you well know, we have not processed your order and we WILL NOT, therefore we have not used your credit card, and therefore, there are no charges!!!  
Check with your credit card company before you accuse someone of something that did not occur.  More of your lies!!!
AND we full well expect you to write more lies...!  However, remember, we too can write about you, and furthermore, we can submit your name, callsign, and address to the Amateur Radio Dealers Association "ARDA", about your behavior and demeanor.
You ARE SICK, and need mental help!
From: rashid khonji
To: BUX support
Sent: Monday, November 10, 2008 10:03 AM
Subject: Re:

Date: Monday, November 10, 2008, 6:47 AM
I like you to immediately confirm with me the refund of my money for this Order Number: 3489, as fast as your system has taken, otherwise I will go writing this to take my money back.  

I have all of their emails with me and I have contacted of the friends in before I post this thread, because I am not sure if someone searching for his order or trying to trace it he end with a dealer writing all of this bad words to their customer, my friend advised me to check another site and I found many had a great deal of trouble with buxcomm in fact one person wrote in his post that the words been said to him, he couldn’t write on his post, which means also very bad words:

I never been rude to any one in my whole life, never said bad words to any one and when came to I also believed that my English is not a real good one, that why there was always a possibility I make mistakes which might some people take them in a wrong way, but to write a thread on this site just for tracing my order and end to this point, I feel so sad for this.

If I am wrong I am so sorry, if my English caused any problem to buxcomm or to anyone else, I am also sorry; I learnt a lot here and still fully prepared to learn more from my friends with an open heart.
Thank you

Posts: 3

« Reply #34 on: February 12, 2009, 08:45:56 AM »

Well, I should have read here first, but I was hasty Sad

I sent Buck a email last night that I'll share with you when I get home.  

The Rascal GLX kit was an epic failure starting with the assembled interface cable that on it's own had the PTT shorted to shield, that's effective! Sad

The instructions do not match the schematic which does not match the PCB that was sent, there are obvious and glaring errors in recognizing gender of the 5 pin DIN on the unit.

The audio cables are labeled incorrectly as to which color wire goes where and which is attached to which 1/8" connector. The parts list needs to be amended as he is shipping different value caps, the written instructions as to where to place 2 of the com port cables do not correspond to the schematic (namely the yellow and violet)

Bad news guys, I'm positive my e-mail would have prompted a response by now, I may be out 56 bucks for the interface and extender cable, and I ain't too thrilled about that!

But the e-mail is good and I'll post it up for you all.

Posts: 1484

« Reply #35 on: May 03, 2009, 11:30:37 AM »

I'm surprised at all the unhappy people.  I've ordered from BuxComm a bunch of times, a couple of the Rascal interfaces plus a bunch of parts and a couple of mobile antennas and mounts.  Never had the slightest problem, not even once.  I've emailed Buck several times with various dumb questions, and always had a helpful reply, maybe not always immediately but a reply always has come along.  I'm a perfectly satisfied customer, personally.

Posts: 169

« Reply #36 on: May 03, 2009, 09:17:49 PM »

You seem to be in the minority!

Posts: 37

« Reply #37 on: May 08, 2009, 05:19:37 AM »

When I received a Rascal I didn't like the way the audio adjustment was recessed inside the housing.  I spoke with "The Man" when I called to ask for a RGA.  I couldn't believe the rude response I received.  After five minutes of calling me a troublemaker he suddenly got tired of abusing me and agreed to issue a RGA.  

Never again!

Posts: 223


« Reply #38 on: May 10, 2009, 06:27:24 AM »

I order from Buxcomm pretty often, mostly components, and I have never had an issue.  Buck has always treated me very well (I date back to the packet era, buying converted Delta-S radios from him).  

Anyone is entitled to a bad day once in a while (at either end of the phone!), especially when dealing with the public all day.  

Five minutes of simple checking with a multimeter would probably resolve the majority of issues with the RASCAL and most other amateur equipment.


Posts: 1484

« Reply #39 on: June 07, 2009, 11:01:44 AM »

I just ordered an HF antenna and a bunch of parts from Buxcomm the other day.  One item was out of stock; I got an email about it almost immediately--and a Paypal refund a few minutes after the email.  Had a tracking number for the shipment an hour after I placed the order.

Once again, good prices, good service from Buxcomm, and I'm a happy customer.

Posts: 3

« Reply #40 on: July 02, 2009, 06:45:40 PM »

I received excellent service from Buxcomm regarding my first Rascal interface.  Buck sent me several emails helping me troubleshoot my problem.  He was very helpful.

I recently ordered a second Rascal.  Talk about fast shipping -- I called it in on Tuesday and received it in the mail on Thursday.  I'm impressed with all the info they now ship with the new interfaces.  The CD is fun to go through, they throw in a free serial/usb converter, and of course the interface was on the air working within 5 minutes of opening the box.  

I strongly recommend the Rascal soundcard interface from Buxcomm.

Posts: 1484

« Reply #41 on: July 03, 2009, 08:16:46 AM »

"I received excellent service from Buxcomm regarding my first Rascal interface. Buck sent me several emails helping me troubleshoot my problem."

Same here--I've had great luck with Buxcomm over the years, and Buck has always been very helpful when I had questions.

I see a lot of people seem to complain about PHONE service.  When I have had a question I've used email--always get a reply pretty quickly.  I'm on my second Rascal interface; the first one got fried by lightning, I think.  I buy parts from Buxcomm all the time, they've got some great bargains.  And when I need help, I email--I don't insist that the people at Buxcomm stop what they're doing and talk to me on the phone for 15 minutes, over a $20 part.   Maybe some people just expect too much customer service.  I've always been happy with Buxcomm and I'll keep buying from them!

Posts: 169

« Reply #42 on: July 06, 2009, 04:11:08 PM »

It's not phone service at Buc's private insult farm, it is his classless way of treating those that need a hand or make a few waves.  If you had "good" luck with Buc well I think your very lucky or you may know him well enough that he recognizes you and doesn't lambaste you with his scorching insults.  You may never get the treatment from Buc, but the large amount of people that have reported Buc's sickening returns are all anyone should need to see to realize he is an off the wall instigator with little or no respect for his fellow man or hams. I wish you all the good luck with buc and his strange way of treating paying customers.

Posts: 3

« Reply #43 on: August 06, 2009, 06:38:33 AM »

I too have become a victim of "Bucks'" wrath.We have purchased several 4:1 current baluns from Buxcomm,without incident.I had a HD/2K reserved for an OCF antenna for Field Day 2009.The swr would not adjust so I e-mailed customer serv. for info. to "correctly" check this balun before declaring it bad and returning it.The reply was quick and informative.I then informed them the balun was bad and asked to return it.Buck said to send it back w/order number and that was ok.Then I did the unthinkable,I asked for a UPS pick-up ticket since this was in-warranty and I paid shipping once already. The e-mails stopped,not a peep from "Ol'Buck"! I ventured a phone call and the fecal matter hit the fan.Buck answered and proceded to curse,belittle and otherwise insult a long time customer. Man was he pissed 'cause I wanted him to pay to ship his junk back.He did replace the balun but for the $5.20 shipping,he lost the guys in our group that have bought from him.
     The shipping is only a secondary issue.The point is customer service.Buxcomm has nothing to offer than any offer any other distributor does,except customer service!I'll not buy as much as a connector from Buck. And just because he is 77 yrs old doesn't mean squat.He's old enough to know how people should be treated.He can take his crappy attitude and his insults and stick 'em!The next balun,coax,rotor wire etc. that we order will be from Steve Davis at will bend over backwards to to help a customer.We gave into the "cheaper" price at Buxcomm and forgot where customer service comes first.Never again !!
     If you've ordered from Buxcomm and had to return it and everything went well,go in peace.As for myself and a few others,we'll buy from Davis RF.You can 'still talk to someone about a product or a return and not just e-mail and hope.Buxcomm could fold tomorrow and ...............

Posts: 1012

« Reply #44 on: August 15, 2009, 02:31:41 PM »

The guy is a fireball, loose cannon, on the phone. I dont know what he deal is or why he is so mean to fellow hams. Maybe he needs some Prozac. I dealt with him ONCE, and that was enough for me. :-(
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