OCF Dipole Vs G5RV Vs Folded Dipole

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Jim Idone:
It looks to me from your site on the BKW(W5DXP) that maybe between 600-700PF would bring the lowest swr down around 3.775 to 3.8 and still be below 3:1 at 3.7 to around 3.9. I would be able to use my Acom amp which does handle 3:1 loads instead of using a tuner in line but if I use it below 3.7 and above 3.9 I could still use the tuner, I have no problem using the BKW antenna on any other band except 15m in which its an oxy moron performer but does work very well on 40,20,17&10 for what it is.
The only other antennas I have thought to replace it would be an OCF 80-10 dipole with a 4:1 balun and 1:1 choke, a fan dipole for 75&40 in which the 40 would be hung almost like a wide inverted Vee or a already built Ulimax 80/40 meter double bazooka in which I have heard some very good things about but also know the deal with the bazooka antennas. I have never used a double bazooka dipole but have used a coaxial inverted L which was like half of one which worked extremely well with over 300Khz bandwidth on 75m.


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