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Author Topic: Universal Radio  (Read 8993 times)

Posts: 25

« Reply #30 on: February 24, 2009, 05:17:36 AM »

I have been doing business with Universal for more years than I care to remember since getting into this hobby 27 years ago. Many ham radio stores have gone out of business since then and just about all stores left standing lack the expert knowledge that you find at Universal Radio.

I have slowed to all but a stop but used to do tons of horse trading with hams. What I have found is that Hams are picky cheap cynical people who are so ate up with this hobby, many of them could use counseling.

The fact that Universal Radio is still in business with as many expert employees as they have is testimony enough to make any reasonable thinking person ignore these snide remarks from malcontents who hate their life and anyone they run across.

Carrying a chip on your shoulders is a fools game with a negative pay off. The world is fast changing and not for the good therefore you will see more of these twisted reviews being used as vent pipes.


Posts: 5228

« Reply #31 on: February 24, 2009, 01:03:26 PM »

I think if you are expecting the web interface of Universal Radio to tell you what they have in stock and what isn't in stock, you will be disappointed.

They list a wide range of stuff but not all of it is in stock at any moment. I can't think of any ham dealer that is different in principle.

What you probably don't like is that their web pages don't tell you what's in stock and what isn't.

I don't really like that either!

I have had excellent luck calling Universal Radio on the phone, telling them that I'm looking for some accessories, and having them poke around what actually was in stock and then buying that item from them after we discussed whether it met my needs or not. It is true that it's not nearly as streamlined as you might expect web ordering to be. But they were very very helpful over the phone.

Posts: 129


« Reply #32 on: March 07, 2009, 12:04:42 PM »

I continue to do business with Universal,  about once a month, every near month. It's a refreshing place, populated with nice salesman ham folks that I am on a first-name basis with.

LOVE that used radios section! Got a nice set of Bencher paddles there (how do you buy "one" haha!), and a touchless keyer. Also, a few of those "remanufactured" Grundig YB-400PE's came from there. Sure make nice gifts!

Universal also has the BEST book section of any store I have dealt with when it comes to radio, be it brick-and-mortar or on-line. Mr. "O" himself is a published author of some of those very books!

You really can't expect a company to keep EVERYTHING in stock, yes, the tax on inventory is a terrible thing. But if you need a Budwig fix on a Saturday, or even on a Thursday evening, sure is NICE to have a place to get that! Or some REAL RG-213, not that crappy-pants not nearly as UV resistant as it should be stuff!

They also help the poor cats of Central Ohio--and some of them LIVE there! You are as likely to hear a "meow" as you are a "may I help you" upon first entering the store. This makes it a pretty fun place to visit! ;-)

Posts: 1

« Reply #33 on: March 10, 2009, 06:30:45 AM »

I've had mixed opinions about Universal as well. In all fairness though I ordered from them probably 5 years ago. At the time I had ordered their ordering process was very difficult and I remember it taking a lot longer than it should have just to clear the gauntlets of processing than I've ever had anywhere else. This may have changed over the last while, but I do recall it being a semi painful process in the beginning where I placed my order, nothing moved for 2 days, then all of a sudden the order was hung up for some additional things that normally processed perfectly smoothly with 3 other vendors I used at the time.

Product was great, shipping and handling was awesome quality, price was decent, although to my shagrin I found the same radio for 30$ less at another vendor a day after I got mine (Murphy's law)... The biggest issue was the processing taking for ever. I'd never buy any expedited shipping from them for fear of another 2+ days of the order simply sitting there doing nothing.

I've made orders from shops in HongKong on a Friday night at midnight, had full communication with them throughout the weekend (Even change the order completely on a whim), and the package was still shipped out within the first business hour on the Monday.

So yes while I may be picky, I can't stand it when a company sits on a package for 2 days before they even send it out. No point in spending money on any rush shipping in that case.

And to top it off the only way I found out I needed to provide them with an extra gauntlet of info (Which was never needed anywhere else) is when I called in to ask what was going on after 2 days of nothing and they simply replied "Oh well you just need to fax this or scan in that etc..."

There was never any alert/call/email/notice sent to me about it, let alone this was only discovered after it sat there for 2 days doing nothing.

Posts: 19

« Reply #34 on: March 19, 2009, 08:34:21 AM »

Having bought various items from Universal Radio and other dealers as well, I rate the pricing and service at Universal among the best. My last purchase arrived at about the same time their e-mail arrived; it was that quick.

If I were to have problems with any dealer, I would first contact them in person and/or via e-mail to resolve that problem. Posting on an Internet forum and hoping they would read my post (and/or hoping others would boycott their business) is not how I have ever done business.

Posts: 7


« Reply #35 on: March 20, 2009, 12:18:44 PM »

While I don't order a lot from Universal Radio, my experiences have always been good. The most recently ordered item, an antenna switch ordered on 3/16, is a good example. I received an almost immediate email confirmation of my order. My order shipped the next day and I received a UPS tracking notice with the tracking number by email. My order hasn't arrived yet because it is coming via ground, but that is my choice and UPS's schedule. Universal Radio did a great job on  their end.

Posts: 1

« Reply #36 on: April 12, 2009, 05:39:03 AM »

I'm currently in the middle of an order placed with Universal, and I am not very happy.  I placed an internet order on Saturday, April 4th.  I chose Universal because I had ordered from them some time ago, and that order went smoothly.  Anyway, I expected to get a UPS email notice (Quantum View)on Monday, but nothing came.  I called Universal early Tuesday, thinking they may have been out of stock or something.  I gave the person I spoke with my name, call, and address, and he told me the item had, in fact, shipped the previous day (Monday).  I requested my invoice number, and he gave me one.  At that point I should have been able to enter my invoice number in their system, and get tracking info.  Nothing!

A couple of hours later, after trying several times to enter my invoice number into their tracking system, I called back.  I spoke to a different person this time, and I gave him my name, call, address, and invoice number.  He went to check, and came back to tell me that my order had NOT shipped the day before, and the invoice number I had was bogus!  He gave me the correct invoice number, and said my order was on the shipping dock at that time.  

It seems obvious to me the first person I talked to just didn't want to deal with an order follow-up call, and gave me a bunch of BS about my order.  I certainly don't appreciate that!  Furthermore, it doesn't make much sense that they couldn't have processed my order and shipped it on Monday.  If business is that good (in this economy), they need to hire more help!

Had they shipped my order on Monday, I would have received it on Friday.  The one day delay, pushed the receipt date by 3 days to tomorrow (Monday), and I leave on a trip Tuesday!  So, I will get it barely in time before I leave.  

What really ticks me off is the dishonesty of the person I first talked to.  He had sufficient info to properly check on my order, but apparently just "blew me off"!  He could have probably pacified me sufficiently by saying they were "swamped", and couldn't get my order out until Tuesday.  I wouldn't have been thrilled, but I'm not usually that hard to get along with.  But to just give me a bunch of phoney info, I guess just to get rid of me, probably means I won't be calling them in the future.  Besides, after my first phone call, I did more digging on the internet, and it looks like I paid about $30 more than I needed to doing business with them.  My bad!

Dave W7AQK


Posts: 10

« Reply #37 on: October 23, 2009, 04:34:50 AM »

I'll avoid Universal Radio in the future. I placed a web order on Sunday, then realized I had ordered the wrong model. The same day I emailed customer service to ask that a different model be sent instead (same size and price). The next morning, Monday, I called to make the same request. The answering person said they had nothing to do with Internet orders, which had not been processed yet, and told me to email Steve and gave me an email address. I did so immediately. I never got a response to either email, and the original item, not the one I tried to have sent, arrived two weeks later. They simply do not have responsive customer service.

Posts: 49

« Reply #38 on: October 28, 2009, 06:16:13 AM »

They're not as fast as some other dealers but their prices are fair.  I have no problem with them.

Posts: 29

« Reply #39 on: December 26, 2009, 09:23:50 PM »

 This is a paste from my post in another thread on the same company someone else started.

  I've placed several orders with Universal Radio over the past month and a half.

 All of them have come through fine and on time.

 There was a couple back orders on one order that arrived a week or two later than hoped.

 All and all it has been smooth sailing.  Course I had no issues to fuss with so can't comment
on customer support.

 Paid with CC all online.

 I'm glad outfits are online like this as the only Ham radio vendor in my area is a good 60 miles north of me
and on the other side of Houston. I would not like having to drive through all that. Thanks but no thanks. Mail order
is working for me. Gas costs alone would eat up the mailing costs and far more!

  I tend to buy from these guys more often than say AES or HRO on account I prefer the way Universal Radio's online
catalog works.
Between Universal, Cheapham, and Gigaparts is where I end up trolling for gear.
  I'd like to try AES or the other 'biggies'  but their online presence with lack of pictures and having to fool with PDF catalogs then looking up prices online is just too damn mess for me.


Posts: 13

« Reply #40 on: February 10, 2010, 07:38:48 PM »

Well, I phone in an order on a Friday, order was
process on Monday and box arrived the next Friday.
The person on the other end of the phone was
pleasant and helpful. They offered free shipping
and they honored that to the accessories as well.
No problems here. Bought before and will buy again.
Specifically, IC-7200, AH-4, MB-116, MB-117 and MB-118.
Oh.. and a free shirt. I guess they felt I was
down to my last one. hi.

Posts: 1

« Reply #41 on: March 20, 2010, 02:15:17 PM »

I have placed the last order I'll ever place with Universal Radio. My card was charged for the purchase and the order shipped, however UPS will not deliver because of an account restriction that Universal Radio hasn't fixed since the last time I had this problem with them in June 2009. I'm not going to tell them how to run their business but I will say I can spend money with other businesses.

Posts: 37

« Reply #42 on: March 24, 2010, 12:14:11 AM »

If I need it they have it.  Shipping outrageous, but it is on the way when I say ship. Still, they don't ship USPS if the total is over $50.00, but my shipping for $175.00 was $65.00.


Posts: 49

« Reply #43 on: April 06, 2010, 06:10:32 AM »

I ordered online for an antenna tuner.  The order was placed on the weekend and I received a notice that it was backordered.  Then  the next day, on Monday afternoon, I received notice that it was being shipped.  Arrived 4 days later.  I'm happy. Price was $10 less than anywhere else I could find online.  Shipping was $10 so I guess I saved the amount of shipping from another vendor.

Posts: 22

« Reply #44 on: April 23, 2010, 05:02:55 PM »

Their prices are decent and they get the job done but they sure aren't the quickest to ship or the most responsive to inquiries.  They beat the heck out of AES prices (AES shop is just a couple of miles away) but deliveries can be slow, slow, slow.  And once or twice when I've called to inquire the customer service rep has sounded aggrieved as though asking when an order might be shipped was an unreasonable demand.
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