Kenwood TK-880

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James Williams:
I have a very nice Kenwood TK-880 radio.. I would like to hear from other Hams using this radio.. Tips for programing, GMRS use etc.

John Wendt:

A friend told me that there is a Yahoo group that addresses questions like yours for such Kenwood radios. He also said the radio is easily programmable in that frequency range, and requires only the cable, and a slow clock speed DOS computer. Evidently the software is available -- talk to the Yahoo group.

 I HaveTk-880 uhf and I love it But will not go down to 440 ham band,

Charles E. Harris:
If you want a rugged commercial radio which enables amateur 70 cm and GMRS in the same box, requiring NO  mods whatever, look at the ICOM F4GS and F4GT portables, or the F221 mobile. ICOM is the only landmobile rig I am aware of which is commonly aavailable in a 440-470 split. You will need to go to a landmobile shop to get these as the ham outlets don't carry them.  

Dan Starkenburg:
I've had an Icom IC-F221 in the past and it worked well both in the ham and GMRS band.  One can often times find the programming cable (OPC1122, I believe) and the software online as well.  And, a little known secret about the IC-F221 is that it is front panel programmable if your Land Mobile dealer is able to get and is okay with releasing the instructions on how to do this.

Dan / ab0re


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