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jc speiser:
Well, being new to this I thought I would ask before climbing the ladder!

I am going to put up a "cactus" copper jpole for 2 meters at the house, and run no more than 50 watts through it.  Right now, where I would like to put it is about 6 feet away from my neighbors small dish, and about 7 feet from my DISH TV small dish...although the J POLE would be about 15 feet higher than both of the small dishes.  

Has anyone had any experience with this?  Should I expect any interference to the other systems?  This particular site needs a cable run or 35 feet, my back up site would require a cable run of closer to 80 feet, and I was going to use RGU-8 to do it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Dale Hunt:
Interference in a case like that is unpredictable.  There
SHOULDN'T be any if the satellite receivers are well-designed,
but that doesn't mean there won't be.  That also presumes,
of course, that your radio doesn't have any spurious outputs
on the satellite frequencies.

The best thing to do is to try it and see.

Steve Katz:
A properly installed DBS system is pretty bulletproof.  The cabling used is normally quad shielded RG6 specifically designed and manufactured for the application and it's shielded to >120 dB.  The LNBs are very well shielded as well.  The dish pattern is very narrow and has a lot of rejection to signals coming from any direction other than the one where it's aimed.

I can run a kilowatt on two meters (not to mention six meters and all the HF bands) at home, using antennas that my dish can almost look directly through, and haven't had any interference of any kind from anything.

What stops the dish system from working properly is if it rains hard enough that the signals are attenuated due to that alone.  When the rain lets up, the signal comes right back.  This only happens maybe 10 mins a year, so I'm not too concerned about it...


jc speiser:
Well,the Jpole is up!  I'm impressed with the performance so far, tonight and tomorrow I'll be on the look out for interference!

Thanks for all of the help!


jc speiser:
Last Update!

My "Cactus" Copper Jpole that sits right at 20ft, just 2 feet higher and 5 feet in between the 2 dish's is doing great! I'm able to hit the surrounding repeaters out to close to 50 miles, with 25 watts. (I'm waiting ti hit the high power button (65 watts)until I can get a meter on the thing)AND most important, no interference reports from the neighbors.  
While I'm in north Florida and it's flat, I'm still impressed.
On simplex I'm getting good reports, but nothing that I can quantify with mileage yet.
Thanks for all of the help everyone!  That homebrew 10 element yagi is next!



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