Beep Tone In FT60R Yaesu HT


I just bought this rig, and people in QSOs tell me that when I key up, my rig transmits a tone that is very quiet and that my voice starts out quiet as well, and then gets loud after a few seconds.

Experimenting, I discovered that if I key up...let the tone sound, count to 5 and transmit, my voice is normal volume and the rest of the QSO is fine.

Someone suggested I "disable my INT"...and I looked in my manual and can't find a reference to anything with those initials.

Yaesu has so far not replied to 2 e-mails on the subject.

Anyone? Ideas? Suggestions? Anyone that owns this rig have a solution?


Tim Ikeda:
Your radio may be set to send a tone at the beginning of a transmission to get into IRLP and Echolink nodes (and WIRES). That is the INTernet feature other people suggested to you. Consult pages 49 & 50 of your manual.

If the little 'atom' symbol in the upper-right portion of the display is visible (see page 2 of the manual), you've got the the internet feature activated.

If that isn't the case, try reading the sections on tone burst and DTMF transmission.

- Tim (KA1OS)

My thanks to those who responded. It worked. I am "atom symbol and beep-free!"


Jeremy Kocimski:
I have the same poroblem with my ft-60 and I was wondering about what I could do. I've used a 2m jpole and a arrow dual band yagi and it happens with both.

Joel Slovick:
i ran into the same problem, just hit the 0 button, or hold it down or something like that, it gets rid of the "atomic" symbol in the upper right corner, and will fix that problem


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