New Software for ICOM IC-2820H


Lynn Krouse:
If you've ever used the ICOM CS-2820 software to program your IC-2820, you know it can be painful to type in all of those frequencies and pieces of information that come along with it.  There is no import function in the software and you cannot use an OLE cut and paste from any other application ... like a spreadsheet.  It works but is missing some functions that would make it much better.  Anyway ... I have found out that RT Systems ( will soon be releasing their software for programming the IC-2820 and it will have import capability and also the ability to directly link into files created by the ARRL TravelRepeater software.  If you need to periodically reprogram your 2820, this sounds like it will be a welcomed addition.  I will certainly be trying it as soon as it is available.


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