Ken Durham:
Can DM780 be started and run without starting HRD?
HRD loads slow for me and I don't use it anyway,
although I would like to use the DM780 features.

73  Ken  K5MBV

Michael Waldrop:

DM-780 is located on the "C" drive, through Program Files, Amateur Radio, and Ham Radio Deluxe folder. You can create an icon on your desk to launch DM-780.

However, you must know that, for example, you will not be able to look up call signs on, the log book will no longer work or be available, and you will not be able to control you radio since these features require HRD to be running.

Mike W5RKL

Ken Durham:
Sorry I didn't make it more clear. What I want to know
is if DM780 can be downloaded and used as a stand alone
program without downloading HRD.

Thanks,  Ken  K5MBV

Rick Peterson:
As far as I can see you need to download HRD in order to get DM780. They are packaged together.

Bob Langford:
Greetings,  I was searching this forum for a way to run DM780 by itself and found this post.   Thanks !  for the info.   I've done just what someone above said to do; find the DM780 executable in the HRD folder on my PC HDD and create a short cut to the task bar.   Now I can run DM780 without first starting up HRD.  But this is 2013 whereas this message was first opened in 2009.  Things have changed.   Mini-Deluxe is now out so you can use it as a server for DM780 and the HRD Logbook.   Very much quicker in response than HRD.  A lot quicker !   And one serial pair for CAT control instead of having to use two pair with HRD.   N7JFP explains how to do this in his YouTube video here:

Best Regards,
Bob L.

PS:  Mini-Deluxe can be downloaded from


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