PC-Pakratt software problem


Hi Everyone,

I am just trying to get back into packet and have a problem running PC-Pakratt v1.06 which is a dos based application.  When I run it on my old PC under windows 98 or via MSDOS I get an error - cannot find utilmod.chn.

I was going to debug this application on my XP machine using Ollydbg but of course when I run it under XP it runs fine.  

I think it sounds like a config.sys problem and was wondering if anyone had any ideas.  I like the old pcpakratt software as it is menu driven rather than command driven when  you use the 232 with a terminal emulator.

Any help greatly appreciated.



Rick Ruhl:
From looking at the source, that a 1.06 bug if the file is missing.. not to fear.. CSS is releasing the DOS and Windows 3.1 versions of Pakratt and PkFax (All with YK2 fixes) early next year in a 25th anniversary limited edition collectable for the PK-232.. Keep an eye on http://www.cssincorp.com for details.


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