telechron clock repair/replacement

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Paul Roche:
Can not find any of this info, the Hammarlund site is down. If anyone has any idea of what kind of small clock I could use, I would appreciate an email.


Gregory J. Beat:
I do not think that service is still available.  There was also an clock restorer in Minnesota that had Telechron parts and repaired these clocks -- but he closed the business several years ago (circa 2001).

>There's a Hammerlund website that has plenty of info >regarding parts, etc. On the site is the name and >address of a gal in (I believe) Wisconsin who >specializes in building battery powered Telechron clock >clones for Hammerlunds.

Gregory J. Beat:
Telechron is out of business.  Let's get that clear up front.  
Before they closed their doors (1992) they went nuts making rotors--zillions of them--then (I was told this) they destroyed their rotor machines forever.  
By the end, B and H rotors were made like the S rotors had been.  That is, made of aluminum and nylon.  They weren't built to last 30+ years like the old rotors but they were really cheap to build as it was all automated (really-- all those rotors were hand-built at one time by ladies with little, teeny fingers...).  
Anyway, clock supply houses bought all these rotors and raised their prices.  As people began to hoard them, the prices kept going up until now they cost about $35 - $55 each!  
Here are GOOD Web sites for Telechron information and repair and parts suggestions.

Telechron Type F and Type H Electric Clock Motors

Wikipedia - Telechron history

Clock Rotors

Outright purchase of a rebuilt or re-lubricated Telechron H-3 rotor.

* You'll receive a nickel/brass or copper Telechron H-3 rotor (never aluminum)
* The rotor has either been rebuilt or relubricated by pressure injecting special synthetic oil through the pinion bushing.
* The rotors are tested for torque, low noise operation and clock tested for accuracy over a period of about 24 hrs.
    * 1 year replacement guarantee is provided
    * These ship immediately
    * Price is $34.95 w/shipping


Paul Roche:
But I have the clock face, all I need is a 24 hour movement, battery powered, with clock hands that are "close enough". I would think I could buy one for $10 off the internet, I just don't know where to look. Others before me have surely done this already. Actually, a 12 hour clock would be more useful but the face on the dial is for 24 hrs.

Actually, I'm pretty good with Adobe Photoshop ... ... Might be a reasonable project to make that 24 hour clockface into a 12 hour clockface.


Clark McDonald:
The modern battery operated clock movement can often be "underclocked" by changing its crystal to one of half the frequency... 

Twenty Four Hour rotary clock movement. 


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