Software for Icom 756-PRO III


Harold Aaron:
I have the following equipment and would like to know what is the best software to use for xcvr and rotor control, as well as logging.

Xcvr:  ICOM 756-PRO III
Amplifier:  Ameritron ALS-600S
Rotor:  Yaesu G800DXA
Tuner:  MFJ-993B

Just looking into software control, and understand little about it, as well as how the different equipment can communicate with each other.

Appreciate any recommendations.


Dave Bernstein:
DXLab will control your transceiver, display the correct settings for your tuner and amplifier as a function of frequency, provide point-and-click control of your rotator on a world map (assuming a suitable PC interface) as well as perform short-path and long-path heading computations, log QSOs, track award progress, generate QSL cards and labels, upload to and synchronize with LotW and, provide support for PSK31 and PSK63 via a soundcard, provide support for RTTY via a soundcard and an external modem (simultaneously, if you like), generate CW, provide a phone voice keyer, collect DX spots from up to 6 sources and display them on both the world map and a bandmap, collect WWV spots and display the last solar revolution's worth of solar data, predict propagation to locations you choose by callsign or point-and-click, monitor propagation, and locate QSL routes from more than 100 web-based sources.

Its all free, and available via .


        Dave, AA6YQ  

Harold Aaron:
Thanks for the information Dave.  I visited the site and downloaded all the applications.  Looks great!



Logger32 is what I use! It's free and constantly updated with new features....does rtty,psk and rotor control etc...

Larry M. Wassman:
I run similar equipment with a Pro III and Ameritron amp. The best package I have found is Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD). It does everything you need, for you very easily. The best part is that it is free and will always be free. I have bought and used many of the rig packages out there like Logger32, DX4WIN, HamWindows and many others. HRD is by far better in my opinion. Just look at the product reviews here on E-Ham and you will see nothing but praise for this package. Hope this helps you


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