TS-480sat Settings help!


Sean Martin:

I can only use 10w due to my licence but have taken delivery of a Heil GM5 mic.  All seemed ok until I twiddled with the settings and now I have a phobia that I can't be heard...much, compounded by the fact that I don't seem to be getting hardly any contacts since... Tried calling...no good...tried blameing absorption from a CME but not happy with that...

Would people care to post there settings for the above rig and mic? so that I can at least set the thing up... Could post mine but their a little volatile right now... Can you sense my frustration?

By any chance, did you happen to make note of the settings before you started 'twiddling'?  If so, try going back to those original settings to start with.  Then the hard part, find someone who knows what you sound like in person, help you make a few adjustments until you sound just like you do in person.
I can tell you from using Heil mics for a very long time, and Kenwood gear even longer, that it really doesn't take much adjustment (increasing anything) to make things 'right'.  A little bit goes a very long way!
As far as the 10 watts and not getting answers to calls, what can I say?  (Upgrade that 'M' to a 'G'?)
Good luck and have fun!

Robert H. meyer:
Check the manual for suggested settings. In terms of AGC levels, use the microphone level and leave the Processor OFF. After you know that you are not over driving the Transmit AGC, select the audio pass band via Menu 19 and get "on air" audio reports. The TS 480 has a Monitor function for voice audio but I prefer over the air reports. Once you have selected an audio pass band menu setting you may need to adjust your audio levels again. I would suggest that 1/2 scale on the AGC level will supply better quality audio.

Sean Martin:
Hindsight is a wonderfull thing... I think I'll take advice here and go through the manual...manual?  Crikey I remember where it is now...still in the box...Factory settings it is then but thanks for the advice IE a little goes a long way with Heil.  

The xyl knows what I sound like usually but she hasn't got a licence...I would suggest it but I like to eat as well and live a peacfull life.  Cheers Ron N7ZM... I was beginning to think I was persona-non-grata on the bands..but it all boils down to rtfm after all...
Cheers all... Sean M6GTX going on 2E0 by the way things are going.

William Conkling:
I don't have a 480, but do have a TS-570 and a Heil JM-10 Dual mic.

People have told me that my audio is pretty good, so here is what I have setup.

Mic gain  40 - 50 (Adjust mic gain until ALC peaks on voice peaks)
Processor on, level at 15

I use the HM-5 element for most work, I switch to the HM-4 when I need more punch.  Your GM is gonna sound real sweet at the "WIDE" setting, and a bit more pinched on the "NARROW".  By the way, do you have the GM4 or the GM5?  The number denotes the element in the NARROW setting, HM-4 or HM-5.

Hope this works.

...bc    br4c


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