Hex Beam Vs Quad


Wayne Whitman:
Just about time for a new antenna and I have done a lot of research and I'm still not decided.
I have a Rohn H-50 - would like to mount either a Hex Beam or a 2 element quad on it (not using the top section - maybe not strong enough) with rotator at the bottom.  It appears that a number of folks have made this mounting work well for hex beams.

The hex beam is about 25 lbs with wind load of 5sf or less. Quad would be 38 lbs with wind load of 5.8sf.
I don't think either of them would be a problem on that mast at about 40' with proper guying, but I could be wrong.

The performance comparison is difficult to determine, but published specs for whatever they are worth appear about the same for both antennas.
Price is also just about the same.
I'm not concerned about weather effects - not too much snow or ice in southern KY and high winds are pretty rare.

Any advice or benefit of your experience is welcome.


Steve Katz:
A full-sized quad should do better.  "Gain figures" don't mean much.  The Hexbeam is a very close spaced 2-element folded yagi design.  A full-sized quad is much more optimized.

It's a higher profile antenna and may place more strain on the H-50.  As you already suggested, don't use the uppermost section of the H-50, it's too skinny to support much.   The remaining four sections with some overlap should come out to about 36 feet.

When you guy the H-50, either use nonconductive guys, or use EHS guys with insulators to break the guys into non-resonant lengths.

Dale Hunt:
However, check how far below the quad boom the mast can be guyed - the quad hangs down below the top
of the mast so you can't guy it as close to the top.


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