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Joseph Kennedy:
Can anyone help me with this? How do you attach a mixer etx to this radio? Bob heil even stated there is a way to attach a behringer mixer to the rear accessory jack? Im lost and need guidance and some in-depth explanations. 73's kd7joe

Charles P. Cohen:
The IC-706 rear panel  has pins for "MOD" (on the 13-pin ACC socket), and "DATA IN" (on the 6-pin "data jack").  Each socket has a "GND" connection as well.

Those pins feed (more-or-less) straight into the IC-706 mixer, bypassing the microphone preamp.  [I think they also bypass the VOX detector, but I'm not sure of that.]

The connections into the modulator want a signal in the 200-400 millivolt range.  That's lower than Behringer's "line level" maximum, but you can use the Behringer level controls to adjust its output.

Assuming that you want to run outboard audio into the IC-706 (why else would you talk to Bob Heil?<g>):

. . .  plug your mic into a "Mic In" socket on the Behringer;

. . . if it's a condenser mic, turn on "phantom power" on the Behringer

. . . Plug a _line-level_ output from the Behringer into the IC-706, using the "MOD" or "DATA IN" pin for the Behringer's "+", and its matching GND pin for the Behringer's "-" or "ground".

The Behringer outputs are quite sophisticated; they're supposed to know (somehow) whether they're connected to a balanced, or unbalanced, load.   See the Behringer manual for details.

I recommend putting ferrite chokes on _all_ the leads going into, and out of, the Behringer.  If you're near your antenna, or your balun isn't effective, you'll be feeding RF into low-level audio wiring, and that can create havoc.

This stuff is covered (very badly) in the IC-706 manual under "Packet Operation".   You have to know a lot, in order to figure out how to extend "packet operation" to "outboard audio".

I have a Behringer VX2496 feeding my Yaesu FT-450, and it works fine.  I'm using an inexpensive sound-card interface (BuxComm Rascal) to isolate the VX2496 from the FT-450, and the setup went into oscillation before I added enough ferrites to keep it quiet.  But my antenna is in the attic, about 10' over my head, so I have worse RFI problems than most people.


Joseph Kennedy:
I have noticed on AM that the icom swings backwards is this a common issue or something I dont know about?

Charles P. Cohen:
What, exactly, "swings backwards" ?


PS -- I haven't used AM on my IC-706, so somebody else might be a better source.

Joseph Kennedy:
When you key the radio it keys at 20 watts then while modulating it "swings" to 14 watts . Very strange


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