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Author Topic: Australian ACMA invites Hams to SURRENDER their Licenses (2 mon B4 renewal time)  (Read 9200 times)

Posts: 3

« Reply #15 on: April 11, 2016, 02:05:08 AM »

Hmmm, I don't perceive the ACMA's actions to be quite so sinister as the OP.

1.  Our annual licence was reduced by just over 25% last year to $52, something we didn't even lobby for!
2.  The request to surrender a license is just them saying "if you don't intend to renew, let us know that you intend to surrender it, otherwise we will renew it and you will be invoiced."  This is just part of the new licensing system, and applies to all spectrum licensees not just hams.
3.  As far as high power goes, you can still apply if doing EME.  The trial for a blanket increase was sadly bodged by us hams.  The ACMA made it clear what safety requirements we would need to satisfy, and most people who applied to participate in the trial failed to demonstrate compliance.  So yes, it's sad, but we only have ourselves to blame for that, not the ACMA.

Having said that, I see rainbows and sunshine when I look at most things, I tend not to notice shadows and ghouls.  Same "facts", vastly different perception :-)


Posts: 17


« Reply #16 on: April 11, 2016, 03:43:07 AM »

It is good to hear that ACMA have reduced the annual fee... guess the news that they were the HIGHEST IN THE WORLD finally had some results.   Smiley
I just posted a long email directly to ACMA and WIA Executive Committee...the content let them know that they have a lot of 'rethinking' to do to get back on-par with the rest of the developed world! Amateur radio in Australia must start getting a lot more positive action.  If the WIA want to 'grow' instead of continually shrinking, then they need to be a lot more transparent as to how member funds are spent, and take positive action to encourage more VK's to (re)join and contribute to the national organization.  And, to stop being 'afraid' to be a lot more assertive with the ACMA as regards power output and special calls for contesting. Do they really believe that the big contester stations are running 400w PEP and 120w CW/RTTY?  Hah hah Hah!!!!  I know of at least 20 VK's running a full KW or more... and know they won't 'get caught' due to all the cutbacks in monitoring and policing!  If a policy cannot be enforced, then it needs to be scrapped or changed to a more realistic one.  Why is it that Emtron can sell 1-2-4-5KW amps to VK's without advising the ACMA?  Hah hah hah!!!!   What a joke!  Why is the ACMA so bloody 'worried and concerned' about RF radiation dangers?  Why don't they actually contact the other international bodies in the developed world to see how they regulate it?  Do they really think that Australian hams need to be REGULATED as regards RF radiation.  Why did we take an examination that had a lot of questions to assure that Australian hams were well aware of the hazards.  Why is it that the majority of countries allow at least 1000-watts?  Has there been any serious problems with RF radiation causing deterioration to the health of those that might be exposed?  Hah hah hah!  Seriously...all the hams I know around the world (thousands) have more than enough sense and knowledge to take all the necessary precautions so that no unsafe RF radiation causes any problems to anyone!!

The CBers had the right idea...just ignore the regulations until they were changed to be more inline with reality! I do not condone or encourage CBers or other 'pirates', and, in fact, I wish the ACMA actually 'had the resources and desire to shut them down!!... Have you ever listened to the 11m band and heard all the profanity...WOW!! It is just as bad (or worse!) on UHF-CB... The ACMA is truly IMPOTENT as regards the CB operator fiasco!!!

Why don't the ACMA and WIA spend some money and time to send a delegation to New Zealand, Canada, UK and America to learn how to properly manage and regulate amateur radio and then do some major revisions so that Australia won't continue to be laughed at and ridiculed.  Australian hams deserve better...much better!!

Guess that's enough from me and I will now step down from the soap-box and deposit 5-cents...
73 Eddie VK4AN ex: AE7AE... licensed since 1955, electronic engineer, radio technician, Quality Assurance Field Engineer, Director of Telecom (Nauru).. P.S> I even wrote a booklet for the Brisbane City Council on RF RADIATION SAFETY... it did not mention the ACMA...and was based on common-sense, Australian Standards and International standards!!

This thread is now getting old and probably should be seems to have had the desired effect.

retired but not expired... glass is usually half FULL, not because I didn't fill it... Just can't keep it full!

Posts: 133

« Reply #17 on: April 11, 2016, 04:57:18 PM »

Paying for the licence should give you Aussies some clout with the regulator, otherwise it is like with free sofwate...if you complain to the programmer you get told to FO as it is free. I would rather pay for my licence than have a free one written on plain A4 paper. If something is free it is worthless.


I would happing pay £20-25 a year.

73 de Guy G4DWV/4X1LT (both free).

Hams & their clubs & other organisations contribute more value
to their societies, eg by offering others positive activities, not to
mention technical & procedure training.

I consider the helpful nature of Hams & the Amateur Radio com-
munity a big Plus, with additional Social Value.

If that's not enough, others note that AU's ACMA collect LESS
to CHARGE Hams for their Licenses than they take-in doing so.

Who does a cost-fence affect? Those (eg, youth) who'd benefit
most from a self-educational Technical Hobby.

Finally, why should AU - among its peers, in the larger community
of Nations need to stand out as TAXING what other gov'ts value
enough to provide Tax-Frer.

PS Why should AU Hams be charged for "all" Ham Bands, as each
can use only ONE (or a handful of) freq. at a time?

AU's gov't displays arrogance and an anti-intellectual bias, against
those whose Hobby contributes to helping its practitioners to think
& develop their problem-solving capabilties, as well as developing
Habits of bonding with others - both locally & in the larger World.

Surely, I've listed much more Value than AU's ACMA sees, for AU,
etc. I, for one, OBJECT to Aissie Radio Hams being Taxed for their
efforts to contribute in these ways (& others).

We don't Tax eg, our Volunteers in Emergency Services (St Johns
ambulance, Country Fire Service, cadet programs of our armed
forces, etc.)

Why pick on the Hams?

If it is due to our average Age, then it is Unlawful Age Discrimination,

Posts: 3

« Reply #18 on: April 23, 2016, 08:01:15 PM »

First it was GUNS. Now its HAM RADIO. What;s next. Big government in action.

Posts: 133

« Reply #19 on: April 29, 2016, 05:22:11 AM »

Yes, $52 per year.

But you'd never know it from the 4-sides on 2x A4 sheets that advise how to Surrender your AU Ham License. This 2 A4 sheets sate a number near $100, perhaps to nudge older Hams, on fixed incomes towards Surrendering.

On Twitter, this Passive Agressive regulator gone by the Twitter name: @TheACMA
(suggesting "Thou shalt have no other gods before us!")

You can see how well buried the Excessive Ham Locese fee is, eg, by the lengthy URL path to ACMA's Fees+Taxes document quoted by the VK4.

And the (now, over $100 fee - for 2 years, we learn - only by ringing ACMA, after their promised follow-up letter Failed to Arrive... How many other Aussie hams didn't get the same 2nd letter?)
Ones who follow that lengthy path to the free+taxes document must find page 25 for the Ham License fee.)

TheACMA, indeed!

A most disappointing regulator, whose powers need adjustment.

Much undue "make work" jobs for Canberra's youth (eg, in shuffling papers of Radio Ham licenses & manning the phones to field questions from puzzled Hams, eg, How much is that per year? - to which, by the way - the uninformed call centre folks may as for a Client no., hardly awar that Hams care more about & are much more likely to know... their CallSigns)

Aussie Hams still wear the ashes & undue embarrassment of ACMA's -failed- but no less insulting "High Power TRIAL"... Insult JG as much to WIA, who seem fearful of ACMA, & unwilling to pushback or argue in media for parity with our peers in the World, both for CostFree, lifetime Licensing AND equal conditions (incl High Lower Transmit limits).

It is any wonder that AU's youth are more attracted to "phys ed." class Sports, where they can enjoy parity in rules across national borders, as well as cheers from the sidelines, when they play?

AU's gov't treats Ham Radio operators like those who would -dare- to have a Firearms Locense... Hopefully more preIssue checking for the later... But MORR fee pressure (eg, on elderly, on fixed incomes, incl'g our Veterans) to encourage Hams to SURRENDERS their licenses sooner rather than later.

My 2 cents...
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